Top 9+ Amazon Chrome Extensions to Help You Sell in (2023)

Amazon Chrome Extension

Amazon extensions are shortcuts that you can add to your Chrome browser and execute a number of operations related to your Amazon business. Here are some of the tasks you can accomplish through extensions:

  • Product research and analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Profit analysis
  • Market trend analysis
  • Product history (Price, sales, trends, etc)

Finding the extension you need is not that tricky. You just need to work out your requirements, business model, and budget (in some cases). A handful of extensions are available for free to use but if you are looking for a feature-rich and accurate tool, you may need to spend a bit. 

To make things easier for you, I’ve tested over a dozen extensions myself. Most of them were recommended by our Amazon partners (sellers). In this article, I am going to talk about the top 9 that might come in handy. So let’s begin!

What Are the Best Amazon Chrome Extensions in 2023?

ExtensionBest FeatureRatingPrice
AMZ Seller BrowserProduct Research8/10Free
AMZ Scout ProSupplier Research8.5/10$45.99/month
Jungle Scout ExtensionOpportunity Score9.5/10$49/month
Amazon Publisher StudioAffiliate Marketing8.5/10Free
Market IntelligenceProduct Trends9/10$69/month
Unicorn SmasherProduct History8/10$49.99

1. AMZ Seller Browser (QR Interactive)

Seller Browser allows you to launch product research right from the Chrome browser. All you need to do is open the Amazon shopping website and the extension will reveal every bit of crucial information regarding products in a matter of a few seconds. 

Seller Browser

Based on the product’s performance, you can hunt down the most profitable products to sell. Not only that, but the extension will also show the Best Seller Ranking along with the pricing history automatically for each product. 

With the AMZ seller browser, you don’t need to spend hours on product research. The publishers are regularly bringing new updates and features to the extension and all the data is extracted from the marketplace in real-time. Here are the things you can do with AMZ Seller Browser:

  • Quick price history 
  • Check other products from the same seller/brand 
  • Check Amazon Best Seller Ranking for each product
  • Highlight crucial product details right on the product page
  • Find the products in all Amazon marketplace

Price – Free

2. AMZ Scout Pro (AMZ Scout)

Looking to sell Private label products? AMZ Scout extension will help you find the most fruitful niche to target. The extension will highlight all the necessary information regarding any product to help you determine whether or not to continue with the product. 

AMZ Scout Pro

You can download your entire product research data such as sales estimation, competitor’s inventory details, sales trends, and pricing history, and save it for future reference. 

You can track the latest market trends, product history, and the possible competition you will face with a particular product. Not only that, but you can also estimate the potential profit for any product.  Not only does the extension help you loathe the low-hanging fruits, but it also lets you find the cheapest global suppliers for the product. The extension is a product from AMZ Scout, a popular Amazon seller toolkit so you can be sure about data accuracy. 

Price – $45.99/month, $197.99/year, $499

3. Jungle Scout Extension

Moving on to the next one, the Jungle Scout extension is by far one of the easiest and most effective extensions from 2023. If you are looking for high accuracy and faster results, this is the one to go for. 

Jungle Scout Extension

With the Jungle Scout extension, you can hunt down profitable prospects while you are browsing through the Amazon website. To help you with the decision, the extension provides you with all the product information at your fingertips such as pricing history, sales history, demand, etc. It also tells you how easy or difficult it would be to sell a particular product. 

Not only that, with the Jungle Scout profitability calculator, you can figure out the selling cost and possible profit you can earn from a particular product. And if you decide to go with the product, you can also find the most economical suppliers for it. 

Jungle Scout is known for its high accuracy and ease of use. The data will be shown to you in the simplest manner in the form of charts, interactive graphs, and so on. 

Price – $49/month, $348/year

4. Amazon Publisher Studio (Amazon Associates)

This extension is developed by Amazon itself and allows Amazon associates to link the products on the Amazon website without needing to visit the Associate central website. 

Amazon Publisher Studio

With Amazon Publisher studio, you can add links to your Amazon products from your content management resources, blogs, etc. It helps the users save a lot of time which they will spend in switching between a number of websites. 

Moreover, you can also share the affiliate links to your social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter right from the extension.

Let’s have a look at the key features:

  • It takes only 2 steps and a few seconds to insert the affiliate links 
  • Compatible with WordPress and Blogger
  • Direct links for Amazon homepage and Amazon search result page
  • Post shortened links on social media
  • Get the affiliate links without visiting Associate dashboard

Price – Free

5. Market Intelligence (Viral Launch)

This extension is a part of the Viral Launch Amazon seller toolkit and allows you to study the current market trends. Based on the current demand, it shows you the best products to sell along with their pricing history, sales history, trend history, and revenue generated by the product. All this information helps you decide whether or not the product is worth considering. 

Viral Launch Amazon seller

The extension is a bit pricey but you will also get a bunch of tools to automate your entire Amazon business operation such as product research, keyword research, PPC campaign, listing optimization, and much more. 

Not only that, but the extension also features a profit calculator. When you decide on a product, you can check the

selling costs and the potential profit you will be making. 

Price – $69/month, $696/year

6. Unicorn Smasher (AMZ Tracker)

Developed by the popular Amazon tool AMZ Tracker, the Unicorn smasher can fast-forward your product research. The idea is to help you find the perfect product to sell – A product that is easy enough to sell yet gives you enough profit to stay in the business. 

Unicorn Smasher

The extension provides you with all the necessary information such as best seller rank, prices, estimated sales, ratings, and much more without needing to dig deep. 

With Unicorn Smasher, you can list and manage all your previous research and pull out any information in the future. Also, you can estimate the profitability of any product, based on the current price and Amazon expenses.

Price – $49.99 for lifetime use

7. X-Ray (Helium 10)

To finish things off, I have the most complete Amazon Chrome extension for you – X-Ray. The extension comes bundled with the Helium 10 seller toolkit along with 15 more tools that you can use to take your Amazon business to the next level. 


The tool gives you the opportunity to extract all the product information as you are browsing through the Amazon shopping website. You can check the total product revenue, average revenue, average Best seller ranking, average price, the number of sales, reviews, and much more. 

Based on this information, the extension also generates a success score for each product which indicates the overall product performance. Based on the success store, you can decide which products are worth digging into. 

Also, with X-Ray, you can download bulk reviews in a few clicks. These reviews help you understand the buyers’ perception of the product. Furthermore, you can locate the top sellers for any product, and check their listings, keywords, prices, and much more.

Price – $39/month, $348/year

8. The Camelizer

This extension is a short version of CamelCamelCamel. As you activate this extension it shows you the price graph of every product page. Although if you wish to have an eye on a particular product then this tool will help you with that and also send a notification to your email when there is a change in pricing.

The Camelizer
  • Get pricing notifications in your mail
  • View historical pricing data
  • Support amazon United States, Australia, Canada, and Europe.

Price – Free

9. MozBar

MozBar Extension

MozBar is the free Chrome Extension that offers link matrics and helps sellers with various SEO practices. Except for Google, it works smoothly with the Amazon marketplace to recover data such as historical ranking, keywords, and many more. MozBar extension also helps you to find affiliate websites on which your products are featured. 

  • Keyword research tool 
  • Boost your SEO strategies 
  • Helps in increasing conversions 

Price: This extension is free to use. 

Amazon Chrome Extensions: My Verdict

It’s difficult to master Amazon business mainly due to the size and nature of the competition. Doing things manually may cost you a lot of money and valuable time, plus the margin of error is always high. 

Amazon Chrome extensions are not full-fledged tools but they provide you with enough functionality to perform the desired task.

  • Try to go with an extension that comes bundled with a seller toolkit. The main reason is that you get access to a bunch of other useful tools for keyword research, competition analysis, listing optimization, inventory management, and so on. Helium 10, Jungle Scout, AMZ Scout Pro, and Viral Launch are the top platforms that offer a set of tools along with a Chrome extension.
  • If you are a beginner, look for a free extension or a free trial to test it first. Sometimes, these tools can be hard to navigate through. Invest in the one which you think will be the most useful according to your business requirements. 

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