11+ Best Amazon FBA Podcasts To Help Your Business In 2023

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Listening to a Podcast is a great way to gain loads of information without dedicating extra time to it. If you are looking for an Amazon FBA podcast, this guide is for you. 

It’s challenging to manage the FBA business, let alone the profit. Yes, there are many expert guides, DIY material,  and FBA courses available that you can use to learn the technicality of Amazon’s business environment. But if you want a more convenient source of information, a podcast should help you. 

An FBA podcast is something that you can play in your car while you’re on the go or before your bedtime. These podcasts usually feature Amazon experts, successful sellers, or FBA gurus sharing knowledge, strategies, and sometimes their own experience. 

There are numerous FBA podcasts available on different platforms but only a few of them are worth your time. To make things easier for you, I have prepared a compilation of the best Amazon FBA Podcasts of 2023. Let’s take a look. 

Top 11+ Amazon FBA Podcasts Of 2023

You can find more than 50 FBA podcasts online but only the ones with reputed sellers or organizations will help you maximize your potential in the marketplace. 

A typical Amazon FBA podcast will have the following:

  • Introduction to the marketplace and how things work on Amazon.
  • The knowledge of the Amazon business environment.
  • The success journey of popular FBA sellers who experienced every phase of business, from struggle to success.
  • Unique selling techniques to achieve the targets.
  • How to make the best product listings and increase chances of a sale.
  • The tips to draw more traffic are by using the best keywords.
  • How to find a profitable product and how to make the best of it.
  • Private label, wholesale, arbitrage.
  • How to manage the competition without hurting your profit margin. 

Let’s look at the best 11 of them:

1. Seller Sessions (Helium 10):

Helium 10 is a leading FBA seller platform, helping them build their businesses on the marketplace. The Seller Sessions podcast from Helium 10 will help you gain knowledge from experienced sellers who have mastered the art of selling on Amazon. 

Seller Sessions (Helium 10)

The podcast emphasizes the real scenarios faced by top sellers, Amazon market data, and algorithms. Podcast topics are planned to encourage beginners to push the boundaries and become full-time Amazon sellers. 

You will learn about the Amazon ecosystem, cash flow, competition, and everything you need to make the next step in your Amazon journey. 

A new episode is aired on Tuesday and Thursday with guest speakers, Amazon marketing experts, and 6 figures from Amazon sellers. 

Whether you are planning to establish your brand on Amazon or selling part-time, the podcast will definitely help you see the possibilities and open the doors to success for you. 

2. Follow the Data by Casey Gauss (Viral Launch):

Follow the Data is a podcast by the CEO and founder of Viral Launch, an Amazon seller suite to help merchants achieve their targets. 

Follow the Data by Casey Gauss (Viral Launch)

The podcast doesn’t have much for beginners, but if you have a basic knowledge of how things move on Amazon, you can benefit from it greatly. In every episode, you will learn about new strategies to launch and sell a product on the marketplace and earn a decent profit. There are not many guest speakers and Casey uses his own knowledge and experience he has gained from running Viral Launch since the age of 21. 

You will get to know about past scenarios related to product launches and learn the best strategies to rank your new product on Amazon. A good amount of podcasts is spent on explaining various selling tricks to make the best out of your resources. 

3. AM PM:

This unique podcast covers nearly every aspect of selling on Amazon. The episodes are designed as DIY guides and you can browse around for the topic you want information on. 

AM PM-Podcast

The podcast provides you with the necessary information on product research, marketing strategies, data analysis, and more. It doesn’t talk about those topics in depth but you will surely find some useful tips to implement and take your business forward. 

Regardless of your experience and marketing skills, you will be able to extract a good amount of information from this podcast. A new episode is aired every Thursday but you can access all the previous ones as well. 

4. Sell. Rank. Win by MerchantWords:

Tommy Beringer hosts the Sell. Rank. Win to provide the essential knowledge to sell products and build your brand on the giant Amazon marketplace. 

Sell. Rank. Win by MerchantWords

A new episode is added every week with an expert guest who will share his own experience and give you crucial tips on handling the competition on Amazon. You will also learn about how to create successful listings, various product research metrics, keyword searches, increased traffic volume, and so on. The podcast also helps you understand the customers and their search behavior, so you can implement the optimum strategy to attract them to your product page. 

The Podcast relies on marketplace data powered by MerchantWords which itself is an emerging FBA seller software. Thanks to real-time market data and new topics every week, there is surely a lot to learn. 

5. The Full-Time FBA Show:

As the name indicates, this podcast is designed to motivate you to turn your side hustle into a full-time Amazon business. With every episode, you will be able to uncover some hidden tricks to build a profitable brand on Amazon. 

The Full-Time FBA Show

The hosts Rebecca Smotherman and Stephen talk about effective ways of selling on Amazon, profitable strategies, and tips to build a strong brand in the marketplace. They also explain how you can have more output by spending less time on your business.

Some podcasts have interviews with successful Amazon sellers who share their experience of starting a business, the challenges they faced, and what exactly helped them to overcome those obstacles. 

To keep things exciting, in some episodes hosts give a Podcast Perk which is a small gift for the listeners such as a subscription offer, coupon code, etc. 

The Full-Time FBA Show is a highly-rated podcast and if you listen to the old episodes, you can learn a lot about product research, selling maneuvers, and money-making on Amazon. 

6. AMZsecrets:

AMZsecrets is an FBA podcast that talks about basic fundamentals of Amazon’s business. You can learn how to sell your products at maximum profit, handle competition, and some other tips to survive the initial phase on Amazon without breaking the bank. AMZsecret podcast will also explain how to extract data using its own FBA tools. It’s not a full-fledged Amazon seller kit but you can use these tools to track product history, past sales records, keyword analysis, profit analysis, and more. 


There are episodes on Amazon guidelines, PPC campaigning, brand registration, and much more. You can also learn from sellers’ past experiences and the strategies they opted for after getting a poor start or a bad customer review. 

7. FBA All Stars:

FBA All Stars is a podcast hosted by Matt Ward, a successful Amazon seller himself. The host’s motive behind this podcast is to inspire the young generation of FBA sellers. If you are looking to grow your brand on Amazon, FBA All stars are the best motivation you can get. 

FBA All Stars Podcast

It’s a beginners-friendly podcast where episodes are organized in a way that you start learning from scratch and keep moving on. For example, in the first episode, you will learn how to take your first steps towards Amazon business and building your store. Each episode will add the necessary information you need to move in the right direction. 

The podcast also features guest hosts who talk about their success journey, past blunders, and masterstrokes. You can learn what to do and what not in certain situations and numerous strategies to handle the competition. 

The host Matt Ward also talks about his journey and what made him go for FBA. What are the chances he took and how did he achieve success? 

Unfortunately, FBA All Stars is a discontinued podcast but the information is still there. The podcast is a must for beginners and aspiring sellers who are looking to turn their hobby into a full-time FBA business. The best thing about FBA All Stars is that all the information is still relevant, so pick your favorite topic, put your earphones in, and learn the business.  

8. FBA Millionaires:

Another one on the list is FBA Millionaires, a podcast that will motivate you to build a million-dollar Amazon business. The podcast is not suitable for beginners as it doesn’t give you much of the basics. But if you already have your business up and running, the episodes will help you dearly. 

FBA Millionaires Podcast

The podcast includes success stories of sellers who ended up earning 7 figures by selling on the marketplace. There is a lot to learn from them – the strategies, business methods, and the art of selling. The host Jeff Allen and Will Moffet touch on all the right topics that can help you take your business in the right direction. 

Whether it’s a new product launch, wholesale, or private label, there is tons of information on each topic. The first episode features James Thomson who gives his idea for a successful Amazon business. The idea is to make your dream bigger from the beginning and then give you the secrets and tricks to achieve it. 

9. Private Label Movement 2.0:

Currently hosted by Jonathon Gabriel, the podcast is designed to help emerging private-label entrepreneurs expand their businesses with minimum effort. 

Private Label Movement

The podcast brings you the most successful stories where people started from scratch and ended up earning 6-7 figures by selling private labels through FBA. The episodes have one-on-one interviews where you get to know how successful FBA businessmen think and what they did to build a brand of that caliber. 

Just recently, the guests started inviting successful private-label businessmen from other platforms as well such as eBay. The idea is to teach you that it’s never impossible and if those people could do it from the basement or a garage, you can too. 

10 – Selling on Amazon by Andy Isom:

The last one on the list is a podcast hosted by Andy Isom – Selling on Amazon. The idea behind creating this podcast is to inspire and help people who are still thinking about taking the first step. It talks about how you can make fortunes on Amazon and why side hustling is not a good idea. 

Selling on Amazon by Andy Isom

There is information on Amazon basics such as creating a seller account, adding information, etc. You will also learn how to choose a profitable product, how to find suppliers, and how to market the products. This platform will give you every bit of information you need before setting up your account. 

11 – The Ask Jordan Podcast:

The Ask Jordan Podcast is managed by Jordan Malik, who is the best-selling author and award-winning Amazon merchant. You can get this podcast on YouTube, iTunes, and Google Play. This podcast explains the dos and don’ts of Amazon selling. It also brings light to the common queries and doubts for beginners who don’t have experience in the Amazon business.

The Ask Jordan Podcast

Additionally, you can also get beneficial insights on the ups and downs of selling on Amazon and how you can overcome the obstacle coming in your journey. So this is the best podcast on starting an Amazon business.

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Amazon FBA Podcasts: Can They Make an Impact In 2023?

Podcasts have become one of the top sources of information in recent years. You can find hundreds of them on any topic on various platforms such as Youtube, Spotify, and Amazon Music. The podcasts are actually free but you might have to pay for the subscription if you are listening to them on a music streaming platform. 

Amazon Podcasts is a free source of knowledge and you can listen to them on your way back home, with your morning coffee, or in bed before sleep. These podcasts don’t guarantee you any success, definitely not instant success but if you implement the strategies you hear perfectly, you will have positive results. 

Here are some quick suggestions:

  • If you are planning to start your Amazon business or are still side hustling, Selling on Amazon by Andy Isom is the best podcast for you.
  • Planning to achieve big? Listen to FBA Millionaires which will motivate you to earn 7 figures.
  • Helium 10’s Seller Sessions is an all-in-one podcast where there is information for everyone and on everything. Not only that, you can try Helium 10’s seller suite to automate your Amazon business activities. 

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