5+ Best Amazon Product Research Tools In 2023: (Updated List)

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Are you looking for an Amazon product research tool? With tons of seller platforms in the market, It’s not difficult to find one. But the question is – Which one is the right one for you? Stay with me and I will help you pick the best product research tool to discover the hidden gems on Amazon.

When you are selling on Amazon, you are in direct competition with millions of sellers. And in order to compete with them, you need merchandise that is profitable enough for you to survive the early going and yet is easy to sell. 

Technically, You may choose whatever product you want but given the market, selling price, and competition, not all of them will be profitable.

However, a product research tool can accomplish the task for you. It can examine millions of Amazon products and advise you on the best item to sell given the state of the market.

Currently, there are well over a dozen product research tools available in the market, the majority of which are contained within a seller toolkit. I’ll go into detail about my top 5 picks in this guide.

We are going to discuss

  • What is a Product Research Tool
  • Why is it necessary to have a good product research tool?
  • Top 5 platforms with a powerful research tool
  • Features, Drawbacks, Pricing details, and overall rating
  • The verdict

Why Do You Need A Product Research Tool?

A product research tool can automate the process of searching and picking the product to sell on Amazon. It can also fetch insightful data on past sales, demand trends over time, profitability projections, and much more. 

Product research tool

These tools can analyze the entire Amazon product database within a few minutes and bring you the best product to sell based on performance, price patterns, and even the prospective profit margin. All this information helps you make an informed decision on which products you want to include in your inventory. 

Some product research tools provide additional services such as market analysis to find out the most demanding products, competition analysis to monitor the top sellers, and much more.

Best Amazon Product Research Tools (2023)

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while picking a product research tool:

Data Accuracy

Data accuracy is a must in order to achieve the desired goals with the product you select. There is no proven way to determine the accuracy of research tools, however, based on sellers’ opinions, you can find out the ones that provide more precise information.


It’s an important factor to consider since you don’t want to throw away your profit on a research tool alone. To cut down your initial expenses, always look for a cost-effective product research tool that offers more for less. 

Additional Seller Features

As I stated earlier, most of the product research tools are bundled with a seller package that offers a variety of services. Since you are paying for the whole package, it won’t hurt to check out the other tools as well. 

Ease of Use and Compatibility

None of the features are worth it if you find them difficult to use. Amazon seller tools can be tricky to understand and navigate through. Make sure the tool you choose is easy to use and presents the data in such a way that it’s comfortable to study. 

Helium 10All-rounder$39/monthVery high
Jungle ScoutProduct Tracking$49/monthExcellent
AMZscoutSupplier Database$45.99/monthAverage
Viral LaunchProduct Launch$69/monthHigh
AmazeOwlLaunch First Product$19.99/monthGood

1. Helium 10

Very few sellers would deny the supremacy of Helium 10 when it comes to a one-stop solution for all Amazon business requirements. With access to nearly half a billion Amazon products, it has one of the largest product databases at the moment.

Helium 10

. If we talk about Product research, Helium 10 offers a BlackBox tool that can help you find profitable products within a few minutes. You can further use Trendster and X-Ray tools to check products’ demand, sales trends, pricing history, etc to narrow down your choices. 

Amazon  Product research

Finally, a profitability calculator predicts the profit based on various selling expenses, giving you a clear picture of whether the product meets your expectations or not. Additionally, you can download hundreds of product ASINS and customer reviews for deep analysis. 


✔ Powerful product research tool along with profitability calculator

✔ Competition analysis tool to find out your rival’s products, strategy, etc

✔ Free FBA training where you can learn the Amazon business 

✔ Additional tools including Keyword analysis, listing optimizer, Refund estimator, and inventory management 

✔ Google Chrome extension and mobile application support


  • Keyword tracker tool is not up to the mark.
  • It may take a while to get hold of all the tools and features.
  • There is a big difference between plans and their offerings. 

Pricing Detail

Apart from a lifetime free plan with limited access, Helium 10 offers 4 premium plans to its users:

  • Starter  – $39/month
  • Platinum – $99/month
  • Diamond – $249/month
  • Elite – $399/month

Except for the Elite plan, there is a discount of up to 25% on yearly subscriptions and 7-day money-back guarantee. 

Overall Rating – 9.5/10★

2. Jungle Scout

If there is one platform that can match the excellence and functionality of Helium 10, it surely has to be Jungle Scout. The platform has a database of over 400 million Amazon products, giving you a lot of options to choose from. 

Jungle Scout

The Product tracker tool helps you uncover hidden and profitable product ideas. You can also search for the products based on the latest trends, pricing, specific niches, and seasonality. You can organize your selections, compare their past sales trends, and demand over a period, and choose the one that fits your expectations and criteria. 

Product tracker tool

The best feature of Jungle Scout, in my opinion, is the ability to monitor a product’s real-time performance such as average sales, rank, and revenue so that you are in a comfortable position to make a better judgment regarding the product selection. 


✔ Easily organize products of the same categories for a better analysis.

✔ Track real-time product sales, profitability, and a bunch of other useful metrics to find exactly what you are looking for.

✔ Deep product analysis such as average daily sales, product rank, price fluctuation, etc.

✔ Easily download your product research results as CSV files for future analysis

✔ Opportunity finder tool to locate the high-converting keywords

✔ FBA training academy


  • One of the biggest drawbacks of Jungle Scout is the lack of a free trial. Although you get a 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • There is still no smartphone application which is a bit disappointing considering its main rival Helium 10 already has one.
  • Monthly plans are a tad expensive for beginners.

Pricing Detail

All Jungle Scout plans come with a 7-day money-back guarantee and FBA training program. Currently, the company offers 3 plans:

  • Basic Plan – $49/month
  • Suite Plan – $69/month
  • Professional Plan – $129/month

If you choose to pay for the yearly subscription, you can get a flat discount of up to 55% on each plan

Overall Rating – 9.3/10★

3. AMZscout

AMZscout is probably not talked about much but in terms of deep market analysis and competition, there is no better platform than this. If you’ve already started your Amazon career, AMZscout is more than capable of leading your business to new pinnacles. The core idea is to locate the low-competition products and niches which are often undiscovered by sellers. 


It’s fairly easy to compare the profitability of the products through AMZscout Pro Extension. You can also get all your product ideas delivered to you via email so you can analyze them further, to make sure you end up with the most profitable and trendy product of the time.

Profitability of the products through

AMZscout also connects you to reliable and economical suppliers and manufacturers who can supply or produce your (private label) products.  Additionally, you can also locate the products of your competitors and constantly monitor them, so that you can make required modifications to your listings, and not miss out on any sales opportunity. 


✔ Product tracker helps you find low-competition and easy-to-sell products.

✔ Connect to a huge database of Suppliers and manufacturers to find the most economical option

✔ How to sell on Amazon course to learn the hidden secrets and experts’ tricks of Amazon business.

✔ Find high-volume secret keywords to make your listings easily discoverable.

✔ Observe your competitors’ inventory size so you can set a higher price when they are low on stock.  

✔ Google Chrome extension for quick product discovery and trend analysis


  • The keyword explorer takes a while to display all the results.
  • The product tracker misses the crucial data points at times but it’s rare.
  • The price is a little high for a Chrome extension, compared to the likes of Helium 10 and Jungle Scout where you get a whole toolkit. 

Pricing Detail

You can sign up to AMZscout for free and get a limited period trial of the complete seller toolkit, access to the latest Amazon trends, and a training program. 

As for Premium plans, there are 2 options:

  • Pro Extension – You can download the Google Chrome extension and track down and most demanding and profitable products along with suppliers’ database, and listing optimization. The price for Pro Extension is $45.99/month, $197.99/year, and $499 for a lifetime subscription. 
  • Amazon Seller’s Bundle – Access to the complete seller suite to begin and expand your Amazon business. The price for Seller’s toolkit is $49.99/month, $349.99/year, and $1499 for a lifetime purchase. 

Overall Rating – 8.8/10★

4. Viral Launch

Moving on to the next one, Viral Launch automates almost the entire process of product research. Especially if you are selling through Amazon PPC, the in-house Kinetic tool allows you to set out the rules and automate your PPC campaign so you always get the best profit from your ads.

Viral Launch

You can also compare the performance of different campaigns, locate the high-converting keywords for your PPC, and analyze the overall profit you are generating through PPC. 

Apart from Kinetic, there are several seller tools that you’d normally expect from a reputed platform such as Viral Launch.  The product discovery tool carries out powerful computations, demands analysis, and market assessment to find out the most lucrative products to sell for a maximum profit. 

The product discovery tool

Additionally, it brings you the most accurate product data including sales history, monthly profit, etc. The market intelligence tool helps you narrow down your options by implementing several filters such as profit margin, monthly sales, and so on. Competitor analysis can track down your rival’s top products, keywords, and strategies. 


✔ Automate your PPC campaigns through the Kinetic tool

✔ Promote your product in front of more than 350k Amazon shoppers within 24 hours

✔ Analyze over 200 million Amazon products within a few minutes to find the best ones for you

✔ In-depth product analysis through Market intelligence

✔ A powerful keyword research and keyword manager tool

✔ Smart split testing for your Amazon listings through Listing Dojo


  • Many sellers have complained about auto-renewals without any prior notification.
  • There is a steep learning curve before you get familiar with each tool and feature.
  • Market Intelligence tool misfires sometimes and is unable to show the results. 

Pricing Detail

Viral Launch comes in 3 premium plans:

  • Essential – $69/month
  • Pro – $99 month
  • Pro Plus Ads – $199/month

If you opt for yearly billing for any of the plans, you can get the two months of free access. The yearly prices for the plans will be $696, $996, and $1992 respectively. 

Overall Rating – 8.5/10★

5. AmazeOwl

AmazeOwl is no different than the platforms mentioned above except for its high accuracy and commitment to first-time Private label and FBA sellers. The team claims that over 4000 people have been successfully finding their first product to sell on Amazon.

One thing that strikes me the most is how easy it is to scour the preferred products on AmazeOwl. The company has a database of nearly 600 million products which is updated every day. To validate your product selection, the research tool assists you with supportive knowledge about the product including its past performance, current demand, potential profit, and so on. 

Also, there is a rating system used to rank the products to measure their profitability and competition so you can judge by the looks which products are worth digging. Furthermore, you can locate other sellers offering similar products, and examine their strategies, price trends, and keywords so that you can make subsequent modifications to your listings.


✔ Affordable and beginner-friendly product research tool

✔ One of the largest product database (600 million +)

✔ Access to AmazeOwl beginners guide for the first time sellers

✔ Find exceptional product ideas just by browsing through the Amazon website

✔ High data accuracy 

✔ Easy product ranking system to locate the bankable products easily


  • The free plan is not very beneficial. It’s annoyingly slow to respond and doesn’t incorporate many features.
  • Compared to other product research tools, AmazeOwl has fewer additional tools, meaning you may need to purchase separate tools.
  • The user interface is quite hefty and may use a lot of computer resources. 

Pricing Detail

AmazeOwl offers a free plan with very limited functionality for users who want to have a go at it before investing in higher plans. The premium pricing is as follows:

  • Growth  – $19.99/month
  • Established – $29.95/month

The company also offers a sizable discount if you commit to the yearly subscription. The effective monthly price for annual payment is $12.99/month and $19.99/month respectively. 

Overall Rating – 8.3/10★

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Amazon Product Research Tools: My Verdict

While running an Amazon business, there are a lot of things that need to be in order even before you start selling. A product research tool can take a lot of weight off your shoulders in terms of product analysis and selection. 

Of course, you can list the first product that comes to your mind, but would that be profitable and give you enough opportunity to grow? To compete with the best sellers, you need a distinct business plan and marketing strategy. Make sure you prepare a list of your targets, review your budget, make a proper strategy and choose the research tool that fits your niche and idea. 

Quick Suggestions

✔ If you are looking for a complete seller assistant along with a powerful product research tool, Helium 10 is the one to go with. 

✔ Looking for a budget product research tool? AmazeOwl at a starting price of $19.99/month won’t hurt your pocket

✔ If you want to purchase a decent product research tool for a lifetime, AMZscout at $499 is the one for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the best Amazon product research tool?

There are many product research tools in the market, but Helium 10 is the best among them. It is the most popular tool where many sellers make good money.

Which tool is used for product research?

The most common and popular product research tools in the market are Jungle Scout, Helium 10, AmazeOwl, Viral Launch, and AMZscout.

Which product has the high-profit margin?

There are many products that have high-profit margins some of them are beauty products, kid toys, jewelry, and many more.

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