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Amazon reviews are an excellent method to get a general opinion on a product. They play an important role in customers’ purchasing decisions and merchants improving their product quality and services.

Positive reviews can make a big difference in sales, while too many negative reviews may hurt your reputation as a reliable seller. No wonder sellers have worked their way around to getting fake positive reviews on their products.  

Fake reviews may help you sell an item and assist you momentarily, but it isn’t nice for your business in the long run. It’s only a matter of time before the buyers determine whether the product works for them. 

But how do you spot genuine product reviews? Thankfully, a few Amazon review checkers can help you accomplish that. In this guide, I will walk you through the best review-checking tools and some quick tips on differentiating between rigged and genuine reviews. Let’s get right in. 

What Is Amazon Review Checker?

Amazon review checker is a program or website that allows you to track down fake product reviews on the Amazon shopping website. These tools use several mechanisms and data simulation to identify fake positive reviews so that you always have genuine public opinion on the product. 

Amazon Review Checker

For any seller, product reviews are essential as they give you insight into people’s perceptions regarding the product. A buyer is always looking for a 5-star product but to manipulate buyers’ decisions and sell their products, many sellers generate fake positive reviews. 

For emerging sellers, product reviews can be very helpful in determining whether a product is worth selling or not. It’s always important to go through them to understand the top features, advantages, disadvantages, and a broad opinion of the product.

How to Identify the Fake Reviews on Amazon?

Every seller talks nice things about their products. In this situation, buyers fall for positive reviews. Since marketplaces have allowed people to leave product feedback, it has become a great tool for buyers to hunt for genuine and useful products and they always prefer a seller with more positive reviews. These reviews can be about anything – Product quality, packaging, functionality, shipping, and more. 

Although Amazon has a strict policy against fake reviews, sellers have discovered many ways to generate fake positive reviews which will influence buyers’ decisions. Here are a few examples that the customer review you are looking at is not genuine:

1. Short Reviews with No Reference

If you see a 1-2 word review such as bad, excellent, or Loved it without any further reference, there is a chance that it’s a fake review. Sometimes competitors may ask people to leave bad reviews under a product, to hamper the sale of fellow merchants. It’s also possible the customer never bought the product and just left the review after reading the product description or checking the price. 

2. Common Reviews

Keep an eye on generic comments that will fit any product. For example Such a nice product and fast delivery. These reviews usually don’t mention the product name and use clever words that will be suitable for different types of products. For example a review saying Tastes great is good enough for all edible items same as Looks fantastic is for Apparel. 

If the review doesn’t contain the product name or mention anything about the product, usually, it’s not a genuine comment.  

3. No Verified Purchase Label

To curb fake comments, Amazon came up with its own mechanism and started to put verified Purchase labels on each comment. When a buyer writes a review, Amazon will publish it after verifying that the person has actually bought the product. The comment is visible only after it’s been verified by the Amazon team. So if you don’t see Verified Purchase on the right side of a comment, it might be fake. 

4. Repetitive Reviews

If you see more than one vague five-star review with no reference or information, it might have been posted by the same person. Also, scroll through comments and if you find similar reviews multiple times on the same date and around a similar time, there is your red flag that those are definitely not genuine. 

This is the most common profit to increase the overall product rating, and sellers usually ask their family or friends to leave positive reviews with a five-star rating. 

5. Reviews with Product Recommendations

If you find a few reviews repeatedly recommending purchasing another product, it’s always a fake comment. It’s usually done by competitors’ to leave their or their product’s name under comment, so people who are checking reviews before buying an item will be compelled to check it out. 

Amazon is a huge marketplace with millions of products. There is no chance that 4-5 people will be recommending the same product. Do away with such comments. 

5+ Best Amazon Review Checkers For Sellers In 2023

As you can see, you can manually pinpoint the fake reviews, but when you are doing product research and going through hundreds of products and thousands of comments, it’s not practical to read and analyze each comment by yourself. 

To speed up the review analysis, here are the best Amazon review checkers in 2023. Let’s have a look:

1. Review Monitoring:

With Review monitoring, you can check bulk Amazon reviews and easily detect fake ones. It analyzes product information and reviews and categorizes all the reviews into three categories – Vine, verified, and unverified. Vines are usually fake reviews with no credibility and should be discarded instantly. Verified ones are genuine reviews that you can rely on. With Review Monitoring, you can analyze up to 10,000 reviews at a time. 

Review Monitoring Overview

The entire process takes a very short time and you can save an ample amount of effort with your product research. The whole review-checking process is automated and the platform uses machine learning and smart analytics to read reviews, providing you with the original ones in no time. Based on the reviews, you can also run a performance analysis to find out which of your products are generating more traffic and sales. 

You can also use the Cloud function to highlight positive and negative words, making it easier to differentiate between good and bad reviews instantly. At last, you have the Weakness feature which tells keywords’ relative relationship and helps you improve your product quality based on the analysis. 

2. AMZ Insight:

AMZ Insight is a product analysis and tracking tool that helps you locate the most profitable products to sell on the marketplace. Whether you are just looking for a product or running your store, AMA Insight helps you locate negative and fake reviews just in a few clicks. 

The tool instantly identifies the reviews below 3 stars Also, you will be instantly notified of every 1-star review so you can address the unsatisfied customer without any delay. This filtration process also makes it easier to differentiate between genuine and fake reviews. 

AMZ Insight supports more than 10 Amazon marketplaces including the USA, UK, India, Australia, and more. 

Apart from the review checker tool, you get slow-moving product notifications, an FBA calculator to find out the overhead cost of a product, and multiple marketing and sales estimations. 

3. AMZ Tracker:

AMZ Tracker is a one-stop seller platform for Amazon merchants that offers a bunch of tools to automate product research and analysis processes. It helps you optimize your product listings and achieve a high rank on the Amazon search result page.

AMZ Tracker Overview

The platform implements offensive and defensive strategies to achieve the desired results and review checking is a part of the defensive strategy. You will be notified every time a customer leaves less than a 5-star review so you can address the issue immediately. 

You also get a protection feature that will automatically remove the fake reviews posted by anonymous users or your competitors. You need to set the fake review alert and AMA Tracker will use AI simulation and smart analysis to determine whether the review you just got is fake or not. 

It comes with a 7-day free trial after which you can purchase premium plans starting from $50/month. The number of fake alerts depends on the plan you buy. 

4. AMZFinder:

AMZ Finder is a store management tool for Amazon sellers that can help you sort out all of your reviews instantly. The review management tools automatically filter the positive reviews from negative ones and alert you each time you get a negative review. 

AMZFinder Overview

The tool is capable of identifying paid negative reviews and unverified reviews. You get a real-time alert of a review so you can instantly read and decide the course of action whether you want to address the customer or flag it as fake. 

To keep track of all negative and fake reviews, you also get the email facility which will create a regular review report, accessible to you at any time. You can use the free trial to know more about the features and later choose between premium plans starting from $29.99/month. 

5. Fake Spot:

Fake Spot is a popular review checking tool that helps buyers and sellers to recognize fake reviews just with one click. All you need to do is copy the Amazon product URL and paste it on the Fake Spot website. Instantly you will be able to see all the fake reviews. If a product has more fake reviews than genuine ones, it’s better to look elsewhere. 

Fakespot Overview

Sellers can use Fake Spot as well but there is no bulk-checking facility available. However, you can download the newly launched Fake Spot Chrome extension which will notify you about the fake reviews every time you open a product URL on Google Chrome. 

If you are checking hundreds of products, you can simply choose the Hide option and it will not show you the products that contain a lot of manipulated customer reviews. Recently, the developers have launched the Fake Spot application so you can do product analysis from your phone as well. 

The tool is absolutely free to use without any monthly subscription and provides you with accurate product review analysis. If you are a newbie, i suggest you start with Fake Spot before committing to an expensive Amazon review checker service. 

6. AppBot:

AppBot is also one of the most popular review checkers which analyzes the user’s view to find genuine reviews. It is the best tool for customer analytical teams, customer support, marketing, and many more. The result after the analysis is portrayed in a very easy-to-understand and making is efficient.

Appbot Overview

AppBot also helps you to improve the seller’s performance by analyzing the Amazon review. Once you have set up the AppBot it starts analyzing the data and generating results. Although it has bot both free and paid plans to use.

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Final Word: Best Amazon Review Checker (2023)

Negative and fake reviews not only can affect your sale, but also your credibility as a repeated online merchant. Customers tend to remember the seller names these days for good and bad reasons and if your product page is filled with influenced and manipulated reviews, it’s not going to do any good for you. 

As a new seller, it’s essential to keep an eye on product reviews and not make decisions just based on them. Yes, they may give you a broad opinion about the product, but can’t be the sole reason to choose or reject a product to sell. 

Each of the review-checking tools mentioned in the guide supports all the major Amazon marketplaces and hold a good reputation among buyers and sellers both. 

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