8+ Best Amazon Seller Tools In 2023: (Top Picks)

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Being the biggest online marketplace in the world, Amazon provides a heap of opportunities to sellers. But to an emerging seller, it might take a while to master the business on Amazon. 

The main reason is the amount of competition. Every day thousands of new sellers join Amazon with a dream, but only a handful of them succeed. It’s tricky to master the art of selling on Amazon. But thankfully, there are several Amazon seller tools available these days that can clear the roadblocks for you. 

To find out the best tools, we’ve consulted some of the top brands and sellers on Amazon. In this article, I am going to talk about the best Amazon seller tools available in 2023. I will also give a few quick tips to build a successful business on Amazon. 

Let’s get going. 

Best Amazon Seller Tools – 2023

Currently, there are more than 20 seller tools available that can help you automate your Amazon business activities. Based on our research and experts’ opinions, I am going to talk about the top 8 of them. 

1.Jungle Scout$49/monthProduct Research
2.Helium 10$39/monthAll-in-one
3.AMZ Scout$289/monthPrivate Label products
4.Viral Launch$69/monthPPC campaign
5.Merchant Words$35/monthKeyword Research
6.Sellics$250/monthAmazon Ads
7.AMZ Tracker$50/monthProduct Rank
8. ZonGuru$39/monthNiche Finder

1. Jungle Scout

Let’s start with the best one – Jungle Scout. Over the last 7-8 years, the platform has established itself as a trusted name amongst Amazon sellers. As of 2021, more than 600,000 Amazon sellers have used Jungle Scout to manage and promote their businesses. 

Jungle Scout

The platform provides a set of tools such as a product tracker, Keyword Scout, Inventory management, Rank tracker, Supplier database, listing builder, sales analytics, and much more. 

  • Find profitable products within a few minutes. 
  • Product history, sales, price, etc
  • Create attractive product listings
  • Locate the high-volume keywords
  • Manage the suppliers and inventory
  • Google Chrome extension for faster product research
  • Learn the technicalities of Amazon business with the Jungle Scout Academy training program. 


  • Basic  – $49/month
  • Suite – $69/month
  • Professional – $129/month

2. Helium 10

If there is one product that can challenge the quality of Jungle Scout, it surely has to be Helium 10. It’s known as one of the most complete seller suites for Amazon sellers, particularly for beginners. 

According to the website, more than a million sellers have used Helium 10’s toolkit to automate their business processes over the years. Also, Helium 10 has helped sellers generate more than $4 billion in monthly revenue. 

Helium 10

The platform features nearly 15 tools for product research, keyword analysis, listing optimization, inventory management, refund and finances, and much more. Let’s take a look at some key features:

  • Black Box product research tools
  • Trendster tool to find out the top-selling products
  • Keyword research tools Cerebro and Magnet to locate the most fruitful keywords on the marketplace
  • Reverse ASIN search
  • Google Chrome extension for quick research
  • Frankenstein and Scribbles tools for listing optimization
  • Freedom ticket FBA course to learn the business (free of cost with the premium plans)
  • Inventory management tool
  • Sales analytics and product history


  • Starter – $39/month
  • Platinum – $99/month
  • Diamond – $249/month
  • Elite – $599/month

3. AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout is another popular choice, particularly for sellers looking to sell private label, arbitrage, wholesale, or dropshipping. 

AMZ Scout

The platform can help you locate the most demanding and profitable yet low-competition products to sell so that you can survive the initial phase of your Amazon business. Also, there are tools to hunt for high-volume keywords, product suppliers, top competitors, and much more. 

  • Pro Extension tool to launch quick product research
  • Product research tool (database and tracker)
  • Keyword research (reverse ASIN, tracker)
  • Monthly Amazon trend reports
  • Product’s sales history
  • Amz Scout seller’s training 
  • Competition analysis 


  • Pro Extension – $279.99/year
  • Amazon Seller’s Bundle – $399.99/year

4. Viral Launch

Viral Launch is the perfect seller tool for those looking to earn through Amazon PPC. The platform features a Kinetic tool to manage your PPC campaigns effectively. You can also automate your entire activities such as Product research, keyword research, and listing optimization, using the tools provided by Viral Launch. 

Viral Launch

The key attraction is Kinetic where you can entirely automate your PPC campaign. You get the freedom to set customised rules, create recurring actions, and implement strategies to achieve the desired results. 

  • Kinetic PPC campaign tool
  • PPC campaign performance analysis
  • Product discovery tool to locate the winning products
  • Keyword research
  • Market Intelligence tool to find out the sales estimations, upfront costs, and profits
  • Competitor Intelligence to understand the strategies from your nearest rivals
  • Listing builder to create the professional product pages
  • Split testing tool 


  • Essential  – $69/month
  • Pro – $99/month
  • Pro Plus Ads – $199/month

5. Merchant Words

Merchant Words is an emerging Amazon seller tool that primarily focuses on Keyword research. You can find the page 1 products for any given keyword within a few seconds. Furthermore, you can find products related to keywords along with search volume, performance, and seasonality.

Merchant Words

The platform provides you with several useful tools to automate your entire Amazon business. Yes, it’s missing some crucial features such as inventory management and supplier database, but for beginners, there is more than enough to start with such as classic product search, ASIN search, keyword history, FBA calculator, and much more 

  • Reverse ASIN search helps you locate your top competitors and their products
  • Search products by keywords, volume, and seasonality
  • Create keyword list and store for future references
  • Learn creative strategies to master the FBA business and beat the competition
  • Keyword multiplier to find out the related and long-tail keywords
  • Market insights helps you learn the competition so you can target more buyers
  • Page 1 products’ analysis 


  • Silver – $35/month
  • Gold – $79/month
  • Platinum – $149/month
  • Enterprise – $749/month

6. Sellics

Sellics is a well-known Amazon seller tool that can help you manage your Amazon ad campaigns. The platform provides valuable data information along with robust advertising optimization tools, allowing you to make the best out of the opportunity. 


You can find the best advertising ROI, advertising cost across the platforms, the latest changes in Amazon ad campaigns’ rules, ad performance, and much more. You also get access to the annual benchmark report based on millions of product advertisements to understand the best strategies for maximum profit. 

  • Yearly advertising benchmark reports
  • Optimise your ads based on your budget and strategy
  • Automated campaign structure 
  • Automated bidding and targeting, depending on strategy
  • Keyword harvesting and keyword boost tools to customise your ads
  • Keyword research tool 
  • Product finder tool (powered by AMZ Scout)
  • Webinars, case studies and learning guides


  • Starter – $250/month
  • Growth – $550/month
  • Pro – $550/month + % of ad spend
  • Enterprise – Custom Pricing

7. AMZ Tracker

The last one on the list is AMZ Tracker which helps you grow your product ranks on Amazon and create smart strategies to keep them as well. The platform uses offensive and defensive strategies in order to promote your products and increase sales. 

AMZ Tracker

The offensive strategy includes keyword research, listing optimization, competitor analysis, keyword tracking, and much more. You can also look into your competitor’s strategies and optimise your plans accordingly to stay in the competition. 

A defensive strategy consists of actions you can take to keep your buyers happy and protect your account and product data. 

Let’s take a look at the key highlights of AMZ Tracker:

  • Analyse your competitors, their sales, keywords, best products, and so on
  • Unicorn Pro Chrome extension helps you launch a quick product research 
  • Keyword research tool to discover the trending keywords and products
  • Negative review alert
  • Hijacker alert 
  • Promote your products using VIPON – A popular Amazon deal platform
  • Super URL tool to increase traffic on your pages
  • Keyword tracking 


  • Basic – $50/month
  • Professional – $100/month
  • God Mode – $200/month
  • Legend – $400/month

8. ZonGuru

ZonGuru is the most reliable data-centric Amazon seller tool. It offers many advanced features which help you in conducting product research, tracking your sale, sending follow-up emails, research keywords, and many more. ZonGuru niche finder tool helps you in finding profitable products to sell. With the use of the ZonGuru Love Hate tool, you can easily filter the customer review. 

ZonGuru Overview

The Chrome Extension of ZonGuru helps you to do product research on the go. With its review automation features you can easily request a review on your product when anyone purchases it. 

Let’s have a look at its key features: 

  • Keyword tracker 
  • Listing optimizer 
  • Business Dashboard 
  • Review Automator 
  • Keyword tracker 
  • Email Automator 
  • Niche finder 


  • Researcher Plan – $39 per month 
  • Seller Plan – $49 per month

Final Verdict: Best Amazon Seller Tools

Amazon’s business includes numerous operations that sometimes are impossible to handle manually. For example, product research alone is quite a daunting task, and when you do it manually, the chances of error in data analysis are higher. 

An Amazon seller tool can save you loads of time by doing all the legwork for you, such as extracting product data from the marketplace, assessing the competition, finding out the top keywords, creating optimum product listings, and much more. Some tools also provide account management so you can entirely focus on the other crucial elements. 

Here are my quick suggestions: 

  • If you are looking for an economical all-in-one seller tool, Helium 10 is the one to go for. The starting price is $39/month. Plus you get Freedom ticket training worth $997 for free.
  • Viral launch is the best platform to manage PPC campaigns. The platform features the  Kinetic tool which can handle your entire workload.
  • If you are looking for the most accurate product data, Jungle Scout, with an over 85% accuracy rate, is the best Amazon seller tool for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Amazon seller tool used for? 

Amazon seller tools are used for keyword research, calculating FBA fees, checking to rank, monitoring product ranking, determining product prices, monitor product reviews.

Which are the best Amazon seller tools?

There are many Amazon seller tools in the market but we have listed some best of them Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, Helium 10, Sellics, and AMZ Scout. 

What are the basic tools that Amazon sellers required?

If you are a new seller then you don’t need all the tools but you need to have some basic tools like PPC management, keyword research, list optimization, automatic repricing, and feedback monitoring.

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