8+ Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools In 2023

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Looking for high-volume keywords for your Amazon listings? All you need is the best keyword research tool. In this guide, you will find some of the most popular and accurate keyword research tools.

The level of competition is such on Amazon that without a proper keyword strategy, you are going nowhere. Good keywords not only highlight your products on the first page of search results but also increase the product rank. But to find such keywords, you need a good Keyword research tool. 

With plenty of options floating around the market, it can be tricky to pick the one which works for you. So, to make things easier for you,  I have prepared a compilation of the 8 best keyword research tools of 2023. 

Let’s dig further. 

List Of Amazon Amazon Keyword Research Tools: In A Nutshell

In this guide, I have included 8 top Amazon seller platforms that offer powerful keyword tools. For some of these, you will need to purchase the entire toolkit plan while others can be used directly using a Chrome extension

Let’s find out more.

SR. No.Keyword Research ToolPricePerformance RatingExtension/App
1.Helium 10$39/month9.5
2.Jungle Scout$49/month9.2
3.Viral Launch$69/month9.0
5.AMZ Tracker$14.99/month8.0

8+ Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools 2023

1. Helium 10:

Let’s start with the best one – Helium 10. Since 2015, it has been one of the most popular toolkits for Amazon sellers. For keyword research, it offers a set of 3 tools – Cerebro, Magnet, and Misspalinator. 

Helium 10-Amazon Keyword Research Tool

With the Magnet tool, you can discover all the high-volume keywords including non-English phrases and typos. All you have to do is enter a keyword Magnet brings you all the details including top-selling products and monthly search volume history. You can further use various metrics and filters to narrow down the options until you are left with the best keywords to use in your product listings. If you want more in-depth detail about Helium 10 then check out the detailed Helium 10 Review here.

Cerebro is a reverse ASIN lookup tool where you can find the top keywords for the given ASIN. Misspalinator can find the most used typos that are being used as keywords so that you don’t miss out on any opportunity. 


  • Starter – $39/month, $348/year
  • Platinum -$ 99/month, $1008/year
  • Diamond – $249/month, $2508/year

Overall Rating – 9.5/10


2. Jungle Scout:

Jungle Scout is another great platform for keyword research. It features a separate tool called Keyword Scout that helps you locate the most fruitful keywords that you never knew existed. 

Jungle Scout-Amazon Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Scout analyzes millions of Amazon keywords and brings you the highest quality keywords along with monthly search trends, search volume, PPC cost, etc. it also tells how easy it would be to rank the keyword. You can also look at the keywords’ history search volume and performance to make sure they are worth using. 

There is also a reverse ASIN that works exactly like Helium 10’s Cerebro. You can look at top sellers and their keyword strategy, and find the best keywords of your competitors to always stay on the hunt. With keyword scout, you can also manage your strategy and find the keywords which are working the best for you. For more information about check out our Jungle Scout Review here.


  • Basic – $49/month, $348/year
  • Suite – $69/month, $588/year
  • Professional – $129/month, $1008/year

Overall Rating – 9.2/10


3. Viral Launch:

Viral launch features a robust keyword finder to extract all the existing high-converting keywords on Amazon. You can search for keywords using both a keyword or product ASIN. Not only that, you can use various search filters to narrow down your search criteria 

Viral Launch-Amazon Keyword Research Tool

To validate your selection, you get tons of details such as priority score, opportunity score, average sales, price, relevancy score, monthly search volume history, CPC cost, and review count. You can also look for the best-performing keywords for your Amazon PPC campaign so that you can generate maximum traffic. 

What sets Viral Launch apart from the competitors is its Opportunity Score feature. Based on its own algorithms and AI tools, it awards a unique rating to every product called the Opportunity score. This number tells you whether a product is worth looking into without going into details. 


  • Essential Plan- $69/month, $696/year
  • Pro Plan – $99/month, $996/year
  • Pro Plus Ads Plan – $199/month, $1992/year

Overall Rating – 9/10


4. SellZone:

Initially developed as an A/B testing tool, SellZone is a full-fledged e-commerce tool for Amazon sellers where they can find profitable products and high-converting keywords altogether. Currently, the keyword tool is a part of the Semrush SEO toolkit. 

Sellzone-Amazon Keyword Research Tool

As far as Keyword research is concerned, you get a tool called Keyword Wizard where you get access to more than 200 million Amazon keywords and phrases. With Keyword Wizard, you can easily hunt down the most profitable yet low-competition keyword to use on your listings. You can also find the most used searched terms to increase your visibility on the platform. 

Furthermore, there are several filters to play with so you always know what you are looking for. You can limit your search based on keyword rank, monthly search volume, monthly revenue, and much more. Sellzone’s keyword Wizard has a very straightforward interface and is fairly easy to use, especially for beginners. 


You can get the SellZone keyword research tool for $14.99/month. 

Overall Rating – 7.3/10


5. AMZ Tracker:

AMZ Tracker is one of its kind seller assistance platform for Amazon sellers to maintain their product ranking and improve their visibility. The keyword research is a part of AMZ Tracker’s offense strategy where you can track down all the top trending keywords on Amazon for a given period. 

AMZ Tracker-Amazon Keyword Research Tool

With AMZ Tracker it’s very easy to find high-volume keywords which are relatively easy to rank. The platform supports nearly all the major Amazon marketplace meaning you can get global keyword data that you can use to shoot your product onto the first page of Amazon search results. 

Apart from keyword search, you get competition analysis where you can search for the best products of your rivals and find out their keyword strategy so that you never miss out on any opportunity to display your product. Keyword tracking tool allows you to monitor your keyword performance so you can always know which keywords are working for you most and which ones need to be changed. 


  • Basic Plan – $50/month
  • Professional Plan – $100/month
  • God Mode Plan – $200/month
  • Legend Plan – $400/month

Overall Rating – 8/10


6. MerchantWords:

Merchant Words is an emerging platform with a bunch of useful tools to streamline your entire Amazon business. From product discovery to marketing campaigns, it has everything. But the highlight of the platform, definitely, is the keyword research tool. 

MerchantWords-Amazon Keyword Research Tool

With MerchantWords, it’s extremely easy to find the untouched keywords that you can use on your product pages to make sure every time your product appears on the front page for the given keyword. MerchantWords keyword data has been updated regularly so be assured you will be getting real-time keyword data such as best seller rank, monthly search volume, CPC cost, etc. 

You also get a reverse ASIN tool so you can always monitor the top sellers as well as your nearest rivals to learn their keyword strategies and top products. Whatever keywords you find, you can easily store them or download them on your computer for future analysis. 


  • Silver – $35/month, $350/year
  • Gold – $79/month, $790/year
  • Platinum – $149/month, $1490/year
  • Enterprise – $749/month

Overall Rating – 8/10


7. Amazon Keyword Tool by SellerApp

Lastly, if you are looking for an easy-to-use free keyword tool, simply download the SellerApp keyword tool from the Chrome store. 

Amazon Keyword Tool by SellerApp

As the name suggests, it can generate hundreds of useful keywords that you can use to optimize your product listing and generate a lot more traffic. The SellerApp keyword data is updated regularly, so you will not miss out on the latest search trends and top-performing products on the marketplace. 

The extension also extracts hundreds of long-tail keywords which you can filter according to a specific Amazon marketplace. There is almost no learning curve with the SellerApp keyword extension and you can start finding high-converting keywords from the get-go. 


Free of cost. 

Overall Rating – 8.5/10


8. DataHawk: 

DataHawk is a stunning tool that helps you to boost your profitability on Walmart and Amazon. It gives you detailed analytics data which helps you in managing your business. It also helps you in keyword research, so that you can find keyword opportunities for Amazon. If you search for any keyword DataHawk shows you the related keyword and which one to choose and which not. 

DataHawk Overview

DataHawk also provides a reverse ASIN lookup tool that helps you to get detailed insight into the keywords. You can easily track the progress of the keywords with DataHawk. It also helps you to create SEO related report which includes the ranking of your keyword. 


No fixed price you have to book a demo for their pricing. 

Overall Rating – 8/10

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The Best Amazon Keyword Research Tool: My Take

A keyword is probably the most crucial element in your product listing. It can dramatically increase your product visibility, thus ranking. A good keyword strategy can help you target your customers more efficiently.

It can be done manually, but filtering among thousands of keywords will take a long long time and a major error will be very likely. A keyword research tool will automate the entire process of keyword discovery, analysis, and filtering. All you have to do is select the best keywords and use them on your product listings. 

  • Helium 10 is the most complete keyword research toolkit. Thanks to Magnet and Cerebro, you will never miss any important keywords.
  • Amazon Keyword Tool by SellerApp is a good choice if you are looking for a free research tool. The data may be a bit compromised, but you will definitely get a feel for the market.
  • Jungle Scout is another reliable keyword research platform with almost 85% of accuracy. 

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