9+ Best Amazon PPC Software In 2023: (Updated List)

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We are bringing you with 8 best amazon PPC software for your Amazon ad campaigns.

In order to optimize your campaigns, bid on the competitive keywords, and manage campaigns according to the objectives, you require a proper PPC management tool with a functional AI-based system that will bid for the rank according to the budget. 

List Of The 9+ Best Amazon PPC Software – In A Nutshell

Check out the price and reviews of all the software in this list below:

Software Price(Base)Ratings
Adtomic by Helium 10$249/mo4.5/5
Kinetic PPC by Viral Launch$200/mo4.8/5
Ignite by Sellar Labs$49/mo4.0/5
PPC ENtourage2.9% of Ad Spend4.0/5

9+ Top Amazon PPC Software In 2023

In this list, we will provide you with the 9 best amazon PPC software. Be sure to check them out yourself and select what suits your business the best.

1. Adtomic by Helium 10

Adtomic makes the management of complex Amazon PPC ads easier. It simplifies optimizing and managing ad campaigns and helps you maximize your ROI from Amazon Advertising. It collects data from Amazon sellers and derives a strategy based on that.

Best Amazon PPC Software - Helium 10


  • Easy to use
  • Stores ad data for a long time
  • Automation saves a lot of time


  • High Advertisement cost (High ACoS)
  • Access only available in Helium 10’s diamond plan

2. Kinetic PPC by Viral Launch

If you want one of the best PPC software, Kinetic PPC is for you. It’s the only PPC tool you’ll need to manage all your amazon campaigns. Its automation lets you customize your rules and gives you access to many other settings like monitoring keywords and managing campaigns so you can organize them and align them according to your objectives.

 Kinetic PPC by Viral Launch


  • Complete transparency and control of your campaigns
  • Campaign performance tracker
  • Oppourtuinity Score – a feature that helps you configure keywords according to sales
  • First 2 months free


3. Ignite by SellerLabs

Ignite saves a lot of your time when it comes to PPC management. With its capability to decrease ACoS, it’s cost-efficient too. With the minimal time required to handle PPC, you can increase productivity and focus on other aspects like product research, competitor analysis, etc.

Ignite by SellerLabs


  • Decreased ACoS Price
  • Sophisticated system with traffic, conversion, and ad spend monitoring
  • Easy to use


  • No chat support
  • Less pricing options

4. SellarApp

SellerApp is an advanced partner for amazon ads. It specializes in PPC ads but has many more features like product research and listing optimization, which will help your FBA business perform better. It can also alter negative keywords, which can potentially decrease profit from your Amazon ad campaigns.



  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Launching new campaigns is easier
  • Accurate Targeting


  • Less time optimization features
  • Doesn’t keep history/data for longer periods of time

5. Teikametrics

Teikametrics is advertising software that can handle PPC for Amazon as well as Walmart. Their team can provide you with a demo of their flywheel software and other services before you start with the full version of their ad management service. They have a dedicated account management feature, weekly campaign updates, budget forecasting, optimization, and many other valuable features. 



  • Good for long-time ads
  • Excellent reporting and analysis of ads
  • Accurate day-to-day bidding 


  • Basic standard plan has minimal features
  • Can be expensive

6. Zon.Tools

Zon.Tools is a software by CARBON6 that completely deals with Amazon PPC management. It has a 30-day trial which can be purchased at just $1 before you decide to purchase the full version of this software. It has an AI system that automatically optimizes campaigns for making sales and maximizing profitability. Overall, Zon.Tools is an all-in-one Amazon PPC management tool. 



  • Supports worldwide ads
  • Automates most of the process
  • Best for merchandise ads


  • UI can be complicated for new users
  • Inconsistent ACoS for multiple countries

7. Sellics

Sellics allows you to manage campaigns according to the rules you set, which is similar to the Kinetic PPC mentioned above. It also has an option to let AI automatically decide the rules for the campaigns. You can track the sales, profits, and rankings with real-time notifications on the Sellics app.



  • Real-Time progress tracking
  • Beginner Friendly 
  • Reasonable Price
  • Accurate Analytics


  • Synchronization between devices can sometimes be unreliable/slow
  • Finer metrics are not explained very well in UI

8. Sellozo

Sellozo is the most reliable PPC platform which helps you to automate and optimize your Amazon PPC campaign for best growth. Sellozo is the only PPC platform that doesn’t charge you any percent of your Ad spend, you only need to pay a subscription fee. Its AI software helps sellers to increase sales, and profit margins, lower the ACoS, and automate the optimization of campaigns. 

Sellozo Overview


  • Bid automation 
  • Support MWS
  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Add to negatives 


  • Need to improve customer support

9. PPC Entourage:

If you want to create a profitable brand on Amazon from the very beginning then PPC Entourage is the best option for you. It helps you in improving your profit margin, boost your ad revenue, and many more. PPC Entourage expands your Amazon ads campaign and also optimizes them for the best result without wasting time in building a complex spreadsheet. 

PPC Entourage Overview


  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Offers robust features
  • You can get 1 year of refund policy 
  • Bonus courses and strategies 


  • Charges 2.9% extra for ads

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Conclusion: Best Amazon PPC Software (2023)

If you are still unable to decide, we recommend you go with Kinetic PPC; it’s easy to use and has every feature that you’ll require, like managing keywords, optimizing campaigns, automation, etc. Another good option is SellarApp; they are an Amazon advanced partner and have listing optimization, campaign automation, and other useful features. Overall, you can decide what software suits your business the best according to the budget and features you require.


Is Amazon PPC expensive?

An average sponsored ad on amazon costs about $1.20 per click.

How much does software charge for Amazon PPC?

Softwares charge differently according to services. We have included the base price of every software mentioned in this list in the “In A Nutshell” section of this course.

Which PPC Software is best for beginners?

Sellics is a beginner-friendly software as it has an easy-to-access dashboard, though other beginner-friendly software is mentioned in the list.

What is the best PPC software for automation? 

Kinetics PPC has a well-automated campaign management system and lets you add your own rules.

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