10+ Best Products To Sell Online With Ease In 2023

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The e-commerce industry is expanding rapidly as more and more consumers opt to shop online. However, standing out among the competition can be difficult as pricing, product quality, and customer service all influence a seller’s success. To be successful, sellers must find a way to set themselves apart and target the right audience with their marketing efforts.

The key step in the process is choosing the right product. Online space is big but if you are starting your business, it might be a bumpy ride for you. To challenge the big brands and sellers, you need a product that is in demand as well as easy to sell. It should also generate you decent profit so that you can run your business during the initial phase. 

Today, we are talking about some of the best products that you can sell online. Let’s get started. 

Find the Winning Products Easily

Finding the right product is not difficult if you know the scale of your business and understand the target audience. Here are a few things which make a product  right for your store:

  • The product price should be reasonable. Make sure the price window is between $10 to $40. According to marketing experts, such a price range is suitable for an impulse purchase as well as a well-thought one.
  • The product should be unique and not easy to find. It’s not always possible but offering a product that is not available at other stores can increase your chances of making a sale.
  • Offer a compelling product that the customers can’t resist. The product should excite your customers enough to make them a quick decision.
  • For your convenience, the product should be easy to store, easy to ship, and has a low maintenance cost. Also, products with a long expiration date can increase the longevity of your inventory.

Top 10 Products to Sell Online in 2023

Based on popularity, pricing, and overall sellability, we have chosen the ten best products to sell online in 2023. Let’s take a look:

1. Books

Many popular online marketplaces and e-stores have started their journeys as online booksellers. Books are one of the most purchased items in the world. Even in the tech revolution, where everything is online, the popularity of books hasn’t declined much. 


People love to buy books, collect them, and as gift items. On Amazon, more than 250k people search for books every month. Yes, the niche is a bit competitive, but considering its popularity, it’s a perfect product to sell online. 

Amazon may not be the ideal place to start, as there are a lot of established sellers. You can build a dedicated e-store for books or sell them on Etsy or eBay. 

2. Smartwatches

Smartwatches have been among the top-searched products in the last decade. When Apple launched the first smartwatch, a new market was born, which included customers from two niches. Watch lovers and technology lovers. A smartwatch offers a variety of functionality along with style and convenience. 


However, most people can’t afford premium smartwatches from Samsung and Apple. This leaves a gap in the market which you can exploit. There are many small companies producing affordable smartwatches with essential features. On Amazon, there are more than 50k monthly searches for smartwatches with only 4000 listings. 

With a nice product and proper competitive analysis, you can hit the market and make a decent profit. 

3. Wireless Chargers

As technology is moving toward wireless, people don’t want to use conventional wired chargers anymore. No wonder Wireless chargers are becoming more and more popular with time. Looking at the market trends, more smartphones will be equipped with wireless charging facilities in the upcoming years. 

Wireless Chargers

The best option is to sell wireless chargers from your e-store through dropshipping. If you want to target a larger audience, Amazon is the perfect place to begin. You can import chargers from manufacturers and use Amazon FBA to store and ship the products. 

4. Bluetooth Speakers

With the rise of wireless technology. Consumers are constantly hunting for products they can use wirelessly. Speakers are a few of the first ones. 

Bluetooth Speakers

All gadgets these days come with built-in Bluetooth. Since companies have started removing the traditional headphone jack, it’s become one of the few options to enjoy music. The best thing is that sellers are yet to notice the increasing interest in this niche and the market is untapped. 

On Amazon, the monthly search volume for Bluetooth speakers is over 330k but there are only 5000 product listings available. Market trends show that this product is here to stay. 

5. Home Decor

Home Decor is another flourishing market in the online space. It includes small and big-size products for home decoration such as wall paintings, wooden items, wall hangings, antique items, corner cabinets, wall clocks, and more. The possibilities are infinite as manufacturers keep coming up with unique and new decoration ideas.

Home Decor

If you are a beginner, you can choose cheaper and small-medium sized products to sell in your store. Dropshipping is the perfect business model to follow if you want to target this market. There are thousands of affordable dropshipping suppliers for home decor items such as Alibaba, Chinavasion, Lightinthebox, etc where you can find these products at wholesale prices.

6. Laptop Accessories

Laptops are getting more affordable and since Covid-19, there is a huge demand for them, as people are shifting toward work-from-home. Every curious customer wants accessories to make things easier. 

Laptop Accessories

Laptop accessories include a cooling pad, external mouse/keyboard, keyboard LED, cleaning kit, stickers, keyboard covers, and more. The laptop accessory market was down for a few years, but it’s become alive after the pandemic. 

Amazon is the best place to sell laptop accessories as the interest in the marketplace is higher than in others. Another option is to dropship the products to your e-store from Chinese manufacturers. 

7. Custom Printed Products

Print-on-demand is a fast-growing market as people seem to love custom-printed clothes and accessories. If you are a beginner and want to try your luck in e-commerce marketing, POD is the best place to start. 

Custom Printed Products

The best thing is that most POD suppliers offer a dropshipping facility which reduces the overhead cost of the business. You can choose the products and import the listings to your store directly. The products include printed clothes, pillows, and towels. Doormates, pillow covers, coffee mugs, keychains, and much more. 

The success rate of POD business is very high and you can sell on multiple channels including Social media. Custom-printed items are popular among gift givers and according to the market study, the trend is not fading away anytime soon. 

8. Kitchen Gadgets

The latest market trend revealed that emerging chefs, housewives, and cooking lovers love to fill their kitchens with useful gadgets. Mind you these are different from cooking tools and utensils. The market is pretty untapped due to a lack of awareness.

Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets include products that can be used as an alternative to save time and effort. For example, vegetable choppers, microwave cleaners, easy sandwich makers, pot cleaners, egg gadgets, dough makers, pizza slicers, and more. There are hundreds of product ideas available, and you can even create a store dedicated to kitchen gadgets alone. 

There are thousands of old videos available on Youtube where you can get product inspiration. The best idea is to find a Chinese supplier and dropship the products. These products are usually cheap and generate a lot of impulse sales. Amazon is a great place to sell kitchen gadgets, but you can also use Etsy, or eBay, or entirely build your separate store. 

9. Smartphone Accessories

Smartphones are the invention of the century, and manufacturers are trying hard to make them more and more available to common folks. It has given birth to the accessory market, which has been unstoppable in the last few years. 

Smartphone Accessories

Smartphone accessories include cases, display glasses, phone holders, protective films, portable chargers, USB cables, power adapters, memory cards, tripods, etc. The products are usually cheap and easy to sell. 

There are thousands of Chinese manufacturers selling cheap smartphone accessories that you can either drop ship or import from the supplier directly. The competition is high, but the demand is higher. Just search for the top-trending accessories and create detailed product listings. You are good to go!

10. Pet Supplies

The last one on my list is Pet Products – An evergreen market that has no reason and no sign of fading away. Everyone in the world loves pets which generates a huge requirement for pet supplies. Thankfully, there are manufacturers producing affordable pet products for online sale. 

Pet Supplies

These products include collars, leashes, pet food, beds, toys, hair remover, nail clippers, food containers, grooming items, massage combs, and more. 

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Final Word: Best Products To Sell Online (2023)

When selecting an item to sell online, consider that a product’s popularity doesn’t guarantee its suitability for your store. Over-saturation of a product can result in the loss of its uniqueness and appeal. 

Consider whether you want to run your own online store or sell on a marketplace. Some products I’ve mentioned are suitable for both, but the key is to determine if the marketplace you’re considering has sufficient demand for the product you want to sell. We hope this list was helpful and wish you success in your online sales endeavors!

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