Jungle Scout Free Trial 2023: Is It Still Available?

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When it comes to Amazon seller toolkits, Jungle Scout has always been on top of the list for over half a decade. The platform comes with a number of tools that will help you manage and automate your entire Amazon business operations. But the question is – Is it for everyone?

It would be ideal to have a free trial of the toolkit so you can test out the data, features, and tools and put them to practical use. But does Jungle Scout offer a free trial? 

In this article, I will try to address all your concerns regarding Jungle Scout free trial. We will also talk about the other options you can use to try out the tools before committing for the long term. Let’s get going. 

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout comes with numerous business tools you can use to save a lot of time and effort while managing your business on Amazon. You can search for profitable products, high-volume keywords, and top competitors in a few minutes. Not only that, but you can manage the inventory, find the best suppliers, and create professional product pages as well. 

Jungle Scout Overview

The only problem with the platform is the pile of data you’re going to have to haggle with. Also, it’s tricky to operate these many tools simultaneously to obtain the best results. Now, I am not saying that it’s impossible, but some people may find it easier than others. So how can you be sure whether the tool is manageable or not? One way is to use a trial version. 

As of now, Jungle Scout doesn’t feature a trial period or a free account for that matter. So what are your options? Before we jump to the main discussion point, let’s have a look at the pricing details first. If you want to know more detail insight about Jungle Scout, then checkl out our Jungle Scout Review here.

Jungle Scout Plans and Pricing

Currently, there are three premium plans available for Jungle Scout. We also have an exclusive Jungle Scout Discount code here to help you save a few bucks.

  • Basic – $49/month, $348/year
  • Suite – $69/month, $588/year
  • Professional – $129/month, $1008/year
Basic ($49/month)Suite ($69/month)Professional ($129/month)
Jungle Scout Training
20 Product Trackings150 Product Trackings1000 Product Trackings
7-Day Money-back Guarantee7-Day Money-back Guarantee
Free Chrome ExtensionFree Chrome ExtensionYes
3 Uses of Keyword ScoutUnlimited Keyword ScoutNo Limit
3 Supplier Search/dayUnlimited Supplier DataNo limit
Opportunity Score Opportunity FinderYes
3 Product Research/dayUnlimited Product ResearchUnlimited Product Research
500 Sales Estimations100 Sales Estimations1500 sales estimates
1 month Product History3 months Product History6 months product History
Listing BuilderFull Access to Listing Builder

Jungle Scout Free Trial

Coming back to the main topic, Yes, Jungle Scout doesn’t offer any free trial period. Also, unlike Helium 10, there is no free account as well. So what are your options? 

Jungle Scout provides a 7-day money-back guarantee on the purchase of all monthly and yearly premium plans. Mind you, it’s an unconditional guarantee, and if you are not satisfied with the product or feel that it’s not for you, you can simply ask for a refund within 7 days. 

Now, some people may hesitate to buy the premium account, knowing that they will ask for a refund just in case. But let me tell you, the procedure is very straightforward. Also, The money-back guarantee appears to be a better way to test out the platform than a free trial. Let’s find out why.

With a free trial, you usually get a limited number of uses or access to a tool. So you can’t use them to their full capacity before you run out of free attempts. While with Jungle Scout, you pay for the premium plan, so you will be getting all the benefits of the plan without any restrictions. Just make sure you test everything before the guarantee period expires.

How to Claim the Money-Back Guarantee? 

Although I am pretty sure you will be continuing with Jungle Scout, if for some reason, you are finding it difficult to deal with the hundreds of data points, or multiple tools, you have a week to apply for a refund. 

All you have to do is write to the Jungle Scout support team at support@junglescout.com, give them a reason and ask them for a refund. You may get a call from the team, and after the confirmation, the money will be returned to the original payment method within 3 working days. 

There is no risk of losing your money during this process Jungle Scout is a reputed platform that is 100% committed to users’ satisfaction. So you can purchase the premium plan with full confidence. 

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Jungle Scout Free Trial: Is It Worth It?

As you can see, Jungle Scout doesn’t have a free trial, but every premium plan comes with a week of money-back guarantee. The procedure to claim the guarantee is quite straightforward.

The main advantage of a money-back guarantee is that you get access to a full-fledged toolkit instead of a miniature version with limited usage. You can try every feature and tool as many times as it’s allowed, as per the plan details, and apply for a refund if you are not 100% satisfied with the features. Although, I am sure you will be continuing with it. 

If you’re looking for a better option, you can try Helium 10. The toolkit has 15 seller tools and comes with a lifetime free account. The premium price starts at $39/month. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Jungle Scout offer a free trial?

Jungle Scout is not offering any free trial but instead, you will 7 day of money-back guarantee on all its standard plans.

What is the mode of payment accepted by Jungle Scout? 

You can make payments on Jungle Scout through American Express, Visa, and Mastercard. If you don’t have a credit card email them at support@junglescout.com and you will get an invoice for PayPal.

Do I get a refund on Jungle Scout?

You can get 7 days of a refund policy on Jungle Scout if you don’t like its service you can claim a full refund.

Do I get a discount on Jungle Scout?

Of course, you can claim a 55% discount on subscribing to any of Jungle Scout’s yearly plans.

Who can use Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is best for those who are planning to start selling on Amazon or already selling on Amazon. It should be a stepping stone for your business.

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