9+ Best UK Dropshipping Suppliers Of 2023 (Top Picks)

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Dropshipping has become an increasingly popular business model in the UK market, allowing entrepreneurs to start their e-commerce business without needing inventory management. 

However, to succeed in the dropshipping business, you need a reliable supplier who can offer a broad range of products and competitive pricing while providing reliable and prompt delivery. Finding a decent dropshipping supplier can be tricky in the UK, particularly for newcomers to the industry. 

This guide will help you assess the leading dropshipping suppliers in the UK. Hopefully, you will be able to choose the most suitable one for your needs.

Let’s delve into it.

Expert Picks: The Best Dropshipping Options for UK 2023

To make things easier, I have compiled a list of the top suppliers from various niches.

Additionally, we will evaluate their pricing, dependability, and standout features.

PlatformNichePricingTrustworthinessTop Feature
1. SaleHooGeneral$67/ yearExcellentVerified suppliers
2. PrintifyPrint-on-demandFreeGoodCustom Printed products
3. AliExpressGeneralFreeGoodCheap electronics
4. BaumhausFurnitureFreeLowAntique furniture
5. Go DropshipHome, ElectronicsFreeAverageFast Delivery
6. AvasamGeneral£20/mExcellentAI automation
7. Wholesale DealsGeneral£14.99/mSatisfactoryHIgh-profit margin
8. SynceeGeneral$29/mExcellentOrder Automation
9. eSourcesGeneral£12.50/mSatisfactory170k products listings

1. SaleHoo

SaleHoo offial page

Let’s start with the platform in the top position in the UK dropshipping suppliers’ list. SaleHool is an online directory that connects e-commerce sellers with reliable wholesale suppliers across the globe. 

With SaleHoo, you can access an extensive database of over 8,000 verified suppliers offering a vast range of over 2.5 million branded products across several niches, including fashion, electronics, home decor, and beauty. 

These suppliers are located in over 100 countries, with a significant number operating within the UK. This aspect can benefit e-commerce sellers looking to facilitate faster deliveries for UK and EU customers.

Salehoo provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, enabling users to search for products and suppliers with minimal effort. The platform also allows direct communication with wholesalers, streamlining the buying process. In addition, the platform provides a range of helpful marketing tools, including a product research tool that enables you to identify top-selling products, their suppliers, and key competitors. 

Best productsPet supplies, Home, baby, tools
Pricing$67 per year/ $127 for lifetime
Supplier Verification
Overall Rating4.7/5

2. Printify

Printify official page

Printify is recommended for those intending to sell print-on-demand merchandise in the UK and beyond. By collaborating with multiple global wholesalers and suppliers, Printify provides its users with a vast selection of customizable products. The platform has attracted over four million sellers who use Printify to operate their print-on-demand businesses.

Printify has over 300 printing partners across the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. This gives you the freedom to deliver your UK/EU orders quickly and efficiently. The platform’s supplier network encompasses a variety of niches, offering an extensive range of top-quality custom products, such as clothing, accessories, gadgets, home decor, and more.

To get started with Printify, you simply need to link your e-commerce store to the platform, create a custom design using the provided tools, and select a printing partner (supplier) to fulfill your orders. Printify will accept orders on behalf of your customers, and ship the products under your business name and details, making the process simple and hassle-free for sellers.

Best productsT-shirts, pillows, mugs, phone cases
Supplier Verification
Overall Rating4.5/5

3. AliExpress

The next one is AliExpress, one of the largest global wholesale platforms, providing access to a vast array of suppliers, including those based in the UK or shipping to the UK. This platform is hugely popular among dropshippers worldwide due to its competitive pricing and extensive product selection. 

AliExpress facilitates shipping to more than 250 countries, including the UK.

While most suppliers are China-based, an increasing number have established warehouses in the UK or EU, enabling faster order fulfillment.

In terms of its product offerings, AliExpress features a product catalog with over 100 million listings, including gadgets, toys, fashion, Clothing, and much more.

Furthermore, many suppliers have no minimum order requirement, allowing customers to test product quality by ordering from multiple vendors.

Best productsElectronics, gadgets
Supplier Verification
Overall Rating4.6/5

4. Baumhaus

Selling online furniture can be tricky as storage and maintenance can take up a lot of your effort and money. Thankfully, you can dropship it through Baumhaus, a UK-based wholesale furniture supplier that sells individually as well as to sellers who want to dropship. 

Baumhaus official page

The company designs and produces high-quality, contemporary furniture that suits all mid to high-end consumer needs. The company offers a wide range of modern, innovative, classic, and traditional designs, with high-quality images and 360-degree views for better viewing. 

However, not primarily a dropshipping supplier, Baumhaus allows sellers to dropship their furniture products to their preferred location. The company uses its own delivery services, ensuring all orders arrive within time (5 business days).  

Best productsFurniture, Vintage tables, cabinets
Supplier VerificationNot Applicable
Overall Rating4/5

5. Go Dropship

Go Dropship official page

The next one on the list is Go Dropship, a Chinese wholesale company that recently transferred all of its inventory to the UK, dramatically reducing delivery time for UK/EU orders. The platform offered a wide range of products, mainly from home, beauty, health, and fashion categories.  

As a Go Dropship partner, you can access a comprehensive catalog of products to sell on your ecommerce store without the need to purchase inventory upfront. 

The platform simplifies the dropshipping process by allowing you to search for the products and download the product details to upload on your ecommerce store.

When an order is placed, download the order details and deed them to your Go Dropship account with all the necessary information, and the company will handle the rest.

Best productsElectronics, Women-wear, home
Supplier VerificationNot Applicable
Overall Rating4/5

6. Avasam

Avasam official page

Avasam is my personal favorite on the list and undoubtedly the best dropshipping platform in the UK where you can meet trustworthy suppliers. Headquartered in London, this platform specializes in a worldwide network of in-house partners. It offers a comprehensive suite of services, including market intelligence, complete integration, inventory syncing, and automation, all in one supplier platform.

Avasam stands out from other platforms due to its mandatory verification system for all suppliers. This ensures that only the most reputable suppliers are selected, guaranteeing the quality and authenticity of the products.

Another area where Avasam excels is the complete automation of the order management system. With its integration capabilities with various e-commerce platforms, you can easily import product details to your website with just a few clicks. The platform will take care of the rest of the process, including order processing, payment, and shipping, making it incredibly convenient for you. 

In addition to its impressive features, Avasam provides extensive market intelligence support, allowing you to identify the best-selling products that suit your needs quickly. The platform offers existing search filters that you can use to find what you’re looking for. The company provides accurate product data, minimizing the margin of error. 

Best productsHome,  Computer Accessories, Gifts
Starting Pricing£20 / £50 / £100 / £150 monthly + VAT
Supplier Verification
Overall Rating4.9/5

7. Wholesale Deals

Wholesale Deals

With more than 14 years of experience in the industry, Wholesale Deals has earned a reputation as a reliable and trusted source for wholesale products in the UK. The company boasts an extensive database of suppliers who offer products in various niches, making it a go-to source for dropshippers seeking wholesale products.

The company is committed to providing the lowest possible price and helping you to discover the best dropship products and deals you can buy. One of my favorite features of Wholesale Deals is its daily deals section, which provides customers with exclusive bargains and discounts on a range of products. 

All you need to do is to find your favorite product, select the deal, and contact the verified supplier directly. In case of any mishaps, the company promises to get you a full refund which is always a plus. The website features an easy-to-navigate interface where you can use various parameters to narrow your search and find the hot products for your online store. 

Wholesale Deals is designed to cater to small and large businesses’ needs, with its vast selection of products ranging from electronics and fashion to household items and toys. The company promises up to a 95% profit margin on several dropshipping deals, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to maximize profits.

Best productsConsumer electronics, Gadgets
Pricing£14.99/month, £20.99/month
Supplier Verification
Overall Rating4.7/5

8. Syncee

Syncee official page

Syncee is not a popular global supplier directory, featuring over 6 million products from various international suppliers and brands, including a significant number operating in the UK. Although it is not exclusively focused on UK suppliers, the platform provides a location filter that makes it easy to find reliable UK-based suppliers. 

With Syncee, you can quickly import product listings into your dropshipping business with just a few clicks. Moreover, the built-in communication tool lets you contact suppliers directly to ask any necessary questions before committing.

One of the platform’s best features is its ability to automate order management by syncing your e-commerce store to Syncee. It will automatically pick up new orders and forward them to suppliers. You can also track shipments, manage inventory, and monitor your sales at your fingertips.  

Best productsClothing, Electronics, Home, Toys
PricingFree, £29/ £49/ £99 per month
Supplier Verification
Overall Rating4.8/5

9. eSources

eSources ooficial page

The last on the list is eSources, the biggest catalog of UK suppliers, distributors, and wholesalers. The platform boasts an extensive range of products, including nearly 400,000 wholesale listings and over 170 dropshipper listings. 

The suppliers on eSources are thoroughly screened and verified, minimizing the risk of scamming or counterfeit products. The platform offers a diverse range of products, from Clothing and electronics to home and industrial supplies, all at competitive prices that provide excellent profit potential for buyers.

Best productsIndustrial items, computers, clothing
PricingFree, £12.50/ £30 per month
Supplier Verification
Overall Rating4.4/5

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Conclusion: Best UK Dropshipping Suppliers (2023)

Dropshipping with third-party suppliers is an excellent way to launch a profitable business with a minimal initial investment. However, with dropshipping, you have no control over inventory, fulfillment, and shipping process. Therefore, it is crucial to partner with a supplier who meets your expectations and provides swift product delivery, reliable support, and other customer services.

This article highlights renowned dropshipping platforms, each with its distinct benefits. Here are my top recommendations.

Expert’s Pick – There are multiple reasons why Avasam is the ultimate winner, including verified suppliers, AI automation, and cost-effectiveness.

New to the Gig? If you’re a novice, opt for AliExpress as the user interface is straightforward, but be prepared to encounter numerous counterfeit products.

Running Print-on-Demand Business? – If you aim to sell personalized Clothing, accessories, phone cases, and coffee mugs, Printify is the ideal option.

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