Viral Launch Review 2023: Is It Worth The Hype?

Viral Launch Review - HelloFBA

If you are wondering whether Viral Launch is worth giving a shot at, this guide is for you. Today we are dissecting this popular seller tool, reviewing its tools and features to give you a better perspective. 

With millions of monthly buyers, Amazon is a lucrative marketplace for sellers. But making a buck on Amazon is more complicated. After all, you compete against the world’s best online sellers and brands. But you can step up your game with an Amazon seller toolkit such as Viral Launch. 

Let’s get into details and find what Viral Launch has in the box for you. 

Viral Launch: The Key to Success on Amazon

Viral Launch was launched in 2014 with the idea of helping emerging Amazon sellers grow their businesses. The platform features all the necessary tools and features to automate business-end activities.  

Viral Launch Overview

Viral launch features nine seller assistance tools that will help you scale your brand on the marketplace. According to the Viral launch website, these tools have helped sellers generate more than $8 billion in sales. 

There are tools for product research, keyword analysis, sizing up your competitors, market research, planning advertising campaigns, and much more. We’ll be discussing them further in detail. 

Here is what you can accomplish with Viral Launch:

  • Find the most profitable products to sell 
  • Get the latest market trends, sales estimations, product upfront cost, and much more
  • Increase your product discoverability by using high-volume keywords in your listings
  • Analyze your competitors’ products and strategies and make changes to step up your game
  • Create and optimize professional product listings
  • Generate advertisements for your products and increase sales

Viral Launch Toolkit: What Do You Get?

Whether you are launching a new product or trying to optimize existing listings, Viral Launch has everything you need to scale your business on Amazon. Let’s look at some essential tools you get with Viral Launch. 

Product Discovery:

The first step towards a successful Amazon business is to find a product that sells. The product discovery tool is well capable of finding the top-trending products for you along with all the additional details such as sales history, price fluctuation, profit margin, and much more. 

Product Discovery

All these details help you decide better on the products you want to include in your inventory. The tool also lets you know about the top sellers of the products so that you can compare their prices, keywords, and strategies. 

You must go to Product Discovery and enter the keyword related to the product or niche. Within a few seconds, the tool will find the top-trending products for the given keyword, their average price, bestseller rank, average review count, and other vital information. 

Market Intelligence:

The Market Intelligence tool is a part of the product research package that further fine-tunes your search. It gives accurate product sales estimations based on real-time data from the marketplace. 

Market Intelligence

You can also dig deeper into the product’s historical performance and find the historical performance during a specific period. You can easily track down the number of sellers currently ranking the product and the average profit.

Go to Market Intelligence and enter the product name or keyword. Instantly, you will see thousands of products, pricing information, average revenue, average profit per unit, bestseller ranking, etc. 

Keyword Research and Keyword Manager:

Keyword research tools will help you discover the most fruitful keywords and search terms used by buyers. You can increase your product discoverability by including those keywords in your listings. 

Keyword Manager

You can use many advanced relevancy filters to find precisely what you are searching for. All the keyword data is derived directly from the Amazon marketplace, and it can save you hours of guesswork. Each result shows the priority score, search volume, top-selling products, opportunity score, search trends,  and more. 

Simply enter the keyword or product name in the Keyword research tool, and you can scroll through thousands of relevant keywords. You can use multiple filters and narrow down your options to find more target-oriented results.

Keyword manager is a centralized dashboard highlighting all your stored keywords that you can retrieve anytime. 

Competitor Intelligence:

The competitor Intelligence tool allows you to sneak into your rivals’ data, such as keywords, price, reviews, and much more. It’s a reverse research engine where you can determine how your competitors perform. 

Competitor Intelligence

Simply provide the ASIN, and within a few seconds, the tool will track down all the best keywords, along with keyword rank, sales rank, review, prices, search volumes, etc. 

With the Competitor Intelligence tool, you can easily find the keywords that your rivals haven’t used so you can capitalise on them. Also, it will notify you every time your targeted competitor implements fundamental changes in price, keyword strategy, reviews, ad placements, etc. 

Listing Builder and Listing Analyzer:

Listing builder and analyzer help you create engaging and professional product listings with minimum effort. 

Listing Builder

The listing analyzer performs automated checks on your product pages and points out the areas where you are losing out to your competitors.  The analysis is based on keyword strategy, pricing, images, product description, etc. 

Listing Builder helps you create successful product listings, utilizing the top-performing keywords from the Keyword manager tool.

Kinetic (PPC campaign Tool):

Kinetic is an exclusive PPC tool you can use to plan your ad campaign. With Kinetic, you have access to trained specialists who can help you create your first few automated campaigns. With the help of the Keyword Research tool, you can extract the best-performing keywords for your campaign.

Kinetic PPC

You can track your ad performance in real-time and make necessary modifications based on conversion rate, keyword performance, popular search terms, etc. 

You can also follow keyword performance for all your ad campaigns to ensure you always have the best ones to target. Furthermore, you can create automation rules for the recurring and manually approve them, so you are always in control. 

Split Testing (Listing Dojo):

Listing Dojo is a testing tool from Viral launch that allows you to improve your listing quality by split testing. It’s an automated process where you can test up to 7 variations of your listings which include the product price, description, title, and images.

Listing Dojo

The tool tells you the performance of each variation so you can figure out the best optimum strategy that brings more traffic and sales. Listing Dojo can filter the testing results and let you know which plan gets a higher conversion rate, number of clicks, number of orders, and gross and net revenue. 

Listing Dojo comes in handy while dealing with a lot of products. All you have to do is add listing variations, and the test will run in the background and be active without needing your intervention. All the results are shown in the form of intuitive statistics and graphs so you can easily track down the best option for each listing. 

Viral Launch: Plans and Pricing

Currently, Viral Launch offers three premium plans – Essential, Pro, and Pro Plus Ads. You can also use our exclusive Viral Launch coupon code to save a few bucks. Here is a pricing breakdown:

Essential$69/monthPro$99/monthPro Plus Ads$199/month
Product FilteringKeyword Sales Metrics and trendsProduct discoveryMonthly keyword search volumeGlobal data accessBrowser extensionMonthly revenue, price trends, and historical salesCompetitor AnalysisSEO listing and optimizationRank change trackingListing health Amazon PPCAdvertising data and analysis24/7 ad campaign monitoringPPC keyword trackingIn-depth PPC data and custom automation
Viral Launch Pricing Plan

Every Viral Launch plan comes with a few additional benefits listed below:

  • Viral launch expert advice
  • Amazon business guides, ebooks, video tutorials, etc.
  • A discount of up to 15% if you opt for a yearly plan. 
  • Beginner guide on How to sell on Amazon
  • Amazon PPC playbook
  • Amazon FBA calculator
  • Product discovery use cases
  • Seller Podcasts

Viral Launch: The good, The bad, The Ugly

What do we like:

  • Google Chrome extension makes it quick to discover new products
  • Kinetic PPC tool is one of the best advertising tools on the market
  • Accurate competitor data through Competitor Intelligence and Market Intelligence
  • With nearly 80% accuracy, it’s one the most reliable toolkit in terms of product data and sales estimations
  • Create professional and winning product listings with the Listing Builder tool

What Could Be Better:

  • No trial period or free plan
  • Steep learning curve
  • Average customer care service, compared to some other seller tools
  • Basic plan doesn’t include PPC and keyword research tools
  • Difficult to keep tabs on multiple procedures and data points
  • Expensive premium plans 

Viral Launch: Data Accuracy & Customer Service

When facing stiff competition on Amazon, the outcome depends on your marketing strategies and the data that derives them. Accurate product data will prompt you to make better decisions regarding product selection, keyword planning, pricing, etc. 

The viral launch has direct access to nearly 30 million Amazon Products, and all the estimation and analysis are based on real-time data from the marketplace. It allows you to implement necessary modifications based on the latest market trends and buyers’ activities. 

Viral Launch Accuracy

According to an accuracy test performed by Jungle Scout, Viral Launch has an accuracy of around 80%, which puts it in second place, interestingly above the popular toolkits like Helium 10 and AMZScout. That means, four out of 5 times, you will be dealing with accurate product data and market trends. 

Viral Launch customer service is probably the only drawback I noticed apart from its high price. You can reach out to the support team via email or direct phone, but I would like a 24/7 support system like some other seller platforms. 

Customer Service

Unfortunately, the quality of service is also below par. Responses are delayed, and some users claim never to get a reply from the team, which is disappointing. Some sellers were left without a proper resolution, particularly with payment and refunds. 

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Is Viral Launch Worth it? My Take

That is all with the Viral Launch review. The platform provides you with everything you need to create a successful brand on Amazon. Although, we would love to see some essential tools, such as Kinetic and Keyword research, included in basic plans. 

Initially, navigating through the tools and analyzing all the data points may be challenging. The best is to buy the Pro plan ($99) for a month and test out all the features. Ultimately it’s up to you how you can make the best out of available resources and data.   

Thankfully, Viral Launch is not an undisputed king in the market. If you are looking for an alternative, I suggest you check Helium 10 and Jungle Scout. Both are industry-leading seller platforms, helping sellers expand their business in the marketplace. Both platforms are more economical than the Viral Launch, with a starting price of $39/month and $49/month.

To summarise, here are my top 3 reasons to go with Viral Launch:

  • You get direct access to real-time product data from the marketplace. Viral Launch is one of the most accurate in terms of sales estimations and pricing history, which makes it a reliable option.
  • Kinetic PPC tool will help you plan an automated campaign to generate ads for your products.
  • The combination of Market Intelligence and Competitor Intelligence works seamlessly to uncover all the top products and your rivals’ tactics. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How accurate Viral Launch is?

In research by Jungle Scout, it is found that Viral Launch offers 79.3% of accuracy, which makes it the second most accurate tool after Jungle Scout.

Who founded the Viral Launch?

In the year 2014, Casey Gauss founded the Viral Launch and he is the CEO of it.

Can I get Viral Launch for free?

Of course, you can get Viral Launch for free as it offers 14 days of free trial for its users.

Can I upgarde the Viral Launch plan?

Yes, you can upgrade your when you want, go to the setting tab on Viral Launchpad.

Does Viral Launch offer a money-back guarantee?

Viral Launch is not offering a money-back guarantee for now but you can get a 14-day free trial.

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