Helium 10 Review 2023: Why Should You Choose It?

Helium 10 Review - HelloFBA

Are you having doubts about getting started with Helium 10? I guess you are looking for an in-depth Helium 10 review. 

Helium 10 is undoubtedly the most popular software-suite provider for Amazon FBA sellers. But is it worth the hype? Don’t worry, you are about to find out. 

In this post, I have shared a detailed Helium 10 review, including a breakdown of all its premium features. I have also featured other important aspects such as Chrome extension, customer reviews, pricing plans, etc. 

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the post. 

Helium 10 Review: Overview 

Helium 10 is a powerful all-in-one tool suite for Amazon FBA sellers. On this platform, you can get everything related to selling on Amazon as an FBA seller. No matter if you are a beginner or professional, Helium 10 provides you with expert support and in-depth resources that help you skyrocket your sales.

The interface of Helium 10 is built in a way that any type of seller can use all the tools without any problems. No more guesswork—All the tools provide results and data with accuracy. You can access all the tools within the Helium 10 dashboard. Now let’s know how it helps you.

What Does Helium 10 Do to Help You? 

Once you get started with Helium 10, you will find all the features you need to outrank your competitors and grow your business. Here’s what you get with a Helium 10 subscription.

  • A set of tools for Product Research 
  • A set of tools for Keyword Research 
  • Listing Optimization tools 
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Analytics Tools
  • Financial Solutions 
  • Email Automation Tool
  • Inventory Management Tool
  • Video Tutorials 
  • Freedom Ticket for in-depth training 
  • Personal list to save Keywords and Product ideas 

This is just a summary of the features you will get with a Helium 10 subscription. Keep reading the article to explore the detailed explanation of all features and tools. 

Helium 10 Data Accuracy

After conducting a deep analysis of all the tools, I found out that Helium 10 gives an extraordinary accuracy of 89% with the least margin of error. With this data accuracy, Helium 10 is leading in the SaaS providers category. Helium 10 is 10% more accurate than the second place holder compared to other platforms. Choosing the Helium 10 services for your FBA business can save thousands of dollars and hours of research in finding the best products and keywords. 

Helium 10 Key Features 

Helium 10 offers 25+ premium tools for Amazon sellers. Each of them serves a different purpose to Amazon sellers. I will walk you through all essential features and tools in summarized detail. 

1. Product Research 

  • Black Box 

Black Box is a robust product research tool that helps you find profitable products on Amazon. With Black Box, you can use advanced filters to find an Amazon product to your preferences. You can choose your preferred marketplace and use filters like category, monthly revenue, pricing, reviews, ratings, etc., to filter out the best product choices among millions of products. 

 Helium 10 Review  - Black Box

After filtration, you will get a list of hundreds of products according to the filters. If you find a couple of potential products for your niche, you can add them to your list. 

  • Trendster

Trendster is Helium 10’s coolest tool, among other tools. The tool lets you find the hottest and trending products to sell on Amazon. Once you find a bunch of potential products to sell, you can use their ASINs and keywords related to the products to quickly analyze to see how they are trending in the market. 

You can add 4 ASINs and 4 keywords at the same time to check if the products are trending or not. In order to use the Trendster tool, you need to install the Helium 10 browser extension. 

  • Xray Chrome Extension 

The Xray tool is another product research tool of Helium 10. This tool is different from the Black Box tool. It allows you to reveal hidden data of the products and gives you more visibility on potential products. The Xray tool shows a score for a product known as Success Score. It shows the overall worth of a particular product. 

The tool also shows other data points such as total revenue, average revenue, average BSR, average price, etc. Like Trendster, you need the Helium 10 Chrome extension to use this tool. You will also find other features like ASIN Grabber, Profitability Calculator, and Review Downloader in the extension. 

Xray Chrome Extension

2. Keyword Research 

  • Cerebro

Cerebro is one of the most valuable tools of Helium 10. It is a reverse ASIN lookup tool that lets you see your competitors’ ranking strategy. It helps you make necessary adjustments to product listings. Once you find relatable keywords for your product listings, you can use Cerebro to evaluate those keywords before listing. 

The tool shows a Cerebro IQ Score that demonstrates a product’s performance. Low-scored products can be highly competitive, so add the ones with high scores. The more the score, the better. Cerebro merges with most Helium 10 tools and provides you with the most enhanced results. 

Cerebro-Keyword Research 
  • Magnet

The Magnet tool is a fantastic keyword research tool that searches high-volume and actionable keywords for your products. If you have a keyword in mind for your product, you can add it to the search box and click the Get Keywords button. You will get thousands of keyword suggestions in the search results within a moment. Each keyword contains a Magnet IQ score, search volume, sponsored ASINs, and CPR that help you compare the keywords and find the best ones for you. 

Magnet-Keyword Research 

If you already have keywords in mind, you can also analyze those keywords and see their search volumes. You can add up to 200 keywords simultaneously to check their stats. You can also use advanced filters to make your list more precise. Magnet tool also helps you find bidding keywords for your Amazon PPC campaigns. Currently, the tool also started working with Walmart. You can use all its features for the Walmart marketplace. 

magnet- key phrases
  • Misspellinator

Misspellinator is a unique tool of Helium 10 that extracts unnecessary misspelled keywords from your gathered keyword list. You can copy keywords in bulk from your list and paste them to Original Keywords. Then click on the Prepare button, and it will separate every keyword from your list. After that, you can click on Find Misspellings to extract every misspelled keyword. 


While searching for a product on Amazon, shoppers usually put misspelled keywords in the search box. The tool analyzes those keywords and gives a proper keyword for search results, and lets them find the right products. 

3. Listing Optimization 

  • Frankenstein 

Frankenstein is probably the best Amazon keyword processor tool in the world. The tool comes in handy for filtering out the long list of keywords you have added to your list. It separates the least performing keywords from your list and keeps the profitable keywords in the list. This way, you will have a filtered list of high-volume keywords for your product listings. 


Even if you have thousands of keywords in your list, Frankenstein accurately processes the keywords within a blink of an eye. It sorts the filtered list by the popularity so you will have the best options for your FBA business. 

  • Scribbles 

Scribbles help you optimize your product listing with proper keywords. After getting the valuable keywords with Frankenstein, you can use Scribbles to 100% optimize your listing with just one click. 

Scribbles ensure you don’t miss profitable keywords while writing optimized descriptions, titles, bullet points, and search terms. 

  • Index Checker

Index Checker helps you index all the keywords listed in your product listing. Usually, you have to do manual work finding the front and back-end keyword search terms that are actually being indexed on Amazon search results or not. If they are not indexed, it can cause your valuable keywords not to rank. 

With Index Checker, you will be able to index all the keywords with just one click. You can also remove the least ranked keywords from your listing.

  • Listing Analyzer

The Listing Analyzer tool provides you with valuable insights regarding your product listings. It also analyzes your competitors’ listings so you can compare them with your listing. This way, you can discover top-performing keywords to optimize your product listing. 

Listing Analyzer

To analyze your competitors’ listings, you need their product’s ASIN or URL. You can research up to 10 product listings at the same time. 

  • Listing Builder (Beta) 

You can take advantage of all the features of Scribbles with Listing Builder. Additionally, it allows you to add your Amazon Seller Central account with this tool so you can get regular updates directly to your account. The tool also directly provides managed versions, listing improvements, keyword suggestions, and other features to your Seller Central account. 

This is a beta version and is still in the development stage. It will get officially released soon. 

4. Analytics 

  • Keyword Tracker

Keyword Tracker plays a vital role in tracking the changes you have made during optimization. So you can evaluate how the changes affected product listing ranking. With this tool, you can also track your sponsored and organic rankings of your keywords.

Keyword Tracker

The Keyword Tracker has a feature known as Rocket Booster that allows you to track more granular positions. This feature is also available for the Walmart marketplace.

  • Market Tracker

The Market Tracker is one of the powerful tools of Helium 10 that allows you to track the market where your product has been listed. It gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors. 

You can choose up to 5 keywords and ASINs that will help you specify the market you want to track. Once the targeted market is processed, it will suggest the top products for each keyword. This way, you will get a complete picture of the target market with all your data in one place. 

Market Tracker
  • Profits

The Profits tool is a gateway that tracks the entire financial measures of your business. It tracks all the key performance indicators such as sales, profit margins, ROI, revenue, etc. It quickly detects all the rising and sinking sales of all your products so that you can make smart decisions for your FBA business. 

The tool also works for Walmart. You can connect your seller account to pull all the financial data from your marketplace. It is 100% secure and gives you accurate results. 

Other Key Benefits 

  • Adtomic 

Adtomic by Helium 10 is a powerful Amazon PPC tool. The tool automates your PPC campaigns and provides you clear visibility into your PPC (Total ACoS) and organic sales so you can track how effective your campaign is performing. 

Helium 10-Adtomic

Adtomic is powered by proprietary algorithms and the sophistication of AI, so it makes your keyword bidding much easier. Adtomic unites with the Magnet tool to provide you the ability to source and sort your potential and negative keywords within seconds. 

  • Freedom Ticket 

Freedom Ticket is your one-way ticket to find all the courses related to e-commerce business, selling on Amazon, how to find profitable products & keywords, and many more. With this exclusive course, you will get clear visibility of operating as an FBA seller. 

It is an 8-week training framework that includes videos, overview slides, hand-outs, accurate data analytics, information, and many more. Starting from the basics, the course guarantees you never lose track while learning. No matter if you are a novice or professional, you can always learn something new that can be implemented in your FBA business. 

Along with the Freedom Ticket, you will also get hands-on video training and Helium 10 Academy, where you can interact with one-on-one live interactive classes that will help you hone your skills. 

  • Alta 

Alta is a newly introduced feature of Helium 10. Alta provides financial solutions to fellow FBA sellers. If you are a qualified FBA seller and have a good credit score, you can get funds upto $1,000,000. You can withdraw any amount from your approved funds to help your business grow financially. 

Alta offers three types of financing options: Credit Line, Daily Advance, and Digital Wallet. With Credit Line, you can get credits in bulk, while with Daily Advance, you can get small credits daily. With Digital Wallet, you can directly pay your inventory & shipping costs and supplier’s payment through the wallet. 

  • Inventory Management

The Inventory management features a tech-savvy forecast model which gives you automated suggestions for restocking your inventory. The tool enables you to manage your logistics in one place. Unfortunately, the feature is accessible for marketplaces in North America. 

Inventory Management
  • Inventory Protector

The Inventory Protector is an innovative feature that saves your inventory from coupon abuses. Sometimes you offer coupons to customers to boost your sales, but coupon abusers can wipe out your whole inventory within minutes if you are not careful. 

Inventory Protector

Fortunately, Inventory Protector allows you to set a maximum quantity for a particular coupon so that your inventory can avoid being oversold suddenly. 

  • Refund Genie

Sometimes FBA reimbursement can be a bit of a hassle while running your business. The manual process of getting refunds from Amazon is very complicated. That’s why Refund Genie is here. With the help of this feature, you can streamline the process and get your refunds as soon as possible. However, you will need a working MWS API token in order to use the feature. 

  • Follow Up

The Follow Up tool is an email-automation solution offered by Helium 10. The tool offers you ready-to-use email templates that you can customize according to your niche. You will just need to add your Seller Central and PPC account to get started with the tool.


What is Helium 10 Chrome Extension? 

Helium 10 also offers a Chrome extension to ease up your process of using most of the tools. You can easily add a Helium 10 Chrome extension and browse Amazon in a different way. While browsing, you can draw all the related data such as ASIN, BSR numbers, Success Score, customer ratings, and other metrics in detail. It also extracts highly-accurate estimates of any product’s monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales. 

Helium 10 Review - Profitable Product

How Can Sellers Use Helium 10?

Using Helium 10 is a piece of cake. However, it can be more complicated if you are a new user. You can use the free version, but it comes with limited access to only a few tools. The paid subscription gives access to all features and tools with no restrictions. Let’s see how you can use Helium 10 precisely. 

Step 1. Open your Helium 10 dashboard and go to the Tools section. 

Step 2. In the Tools section, you will see every tool and feature is categorized according to their purposes. For example, If you want to do product research, you can select the Black Box tool under the product research category. 

Step 3. Select your preferred marketplace and fill up the filters according to your need on the next page. If you’re having problems using the particular tool, you can click on Learn to watch video tutorials regarding using the tool. 

To use all the tools more precisely, you can install the Chrome extension from the dashboard. In the Chrome extension, you will find the Xray tool as the starter, but you can go to the “Launch Helium 10 Tools” to add more tools to the extension. 

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

Currently, Helium 10 offers four pricing structures to Amazon sellers in which one plan is free forever while the other four are paid subscriptions. 


Starter – $29/month

The Starter Plan is best for beginners and small businesses. 

  • All the Free plan features 
  • Freedom Ticket – FBA Training 
  • Limited access to all the features 

Platinum – $79/month

Once you start getting enough sales, you can upgrade to the Platinum plan. 

  • All Platinum plan features 
  • Unlimited access to Black Box, Magnet, Cerebro, and Misspellinator 
  • Extended access to other tools

Diamond – $229/month

The Diamond plan is best for growing businesses and professional FBA sellers. 

  • All Platinum plan features 
  • More access to premium tools
  • Monthly live training
  • 3 user access 

Elite – $339/month

The Elite plan is tailored for industry-level and snowballing businesses. 

  • All Diamond plan features 
  • Unlimited access to most of the tools
  • In-person workshops every three months 
  • Access to a private Facebook group 

Helium 10 also offers a 7-day money-back guarantee with all its paid plans. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the services, you can cancel the plan within seven days of purchase to get a full refund. You can also check out these exclusive Helium 10 discount codes here.

Helium 10 Alternatives 

After searching the internet, I have found the two best alternatives to Helium 10.

Jungle Scout 

Jungle Scout offers an all-in-one suite of tools for Amazon FBA sellers. It is a robust platform and offers nearly all features like Helium 10. However, it doesn’t offer an Amazon PPC tool like Helium 10.

Jungle Scout

Viral Launch 

Viral Launch is also a reliable Amazon Seller tools provider. It does offer some good split-testing tools but lacks some features compared to Helium 10.

Viral Launch

Customer Reviews 

Helium 10 is getting some praise from all over the world. It got a rating of 4.2 out of 5 from Trustpilot. It has over 100+ customer reviews on Trustpilot. 

Helium 10 Review: Pros & Cons


  • All-in-one platform for Amazon FBA sellers
  • 25+ premium tools for different purposes 
  • Freedom Ticket for exclusive FBA training 
  • Built-in marketing and SEO tool
  • Chrome extension for easy access to tools
  • Landing page builder 
  • Financial solutions by Alta
  • Offer a free-forever plan


  • Limited access with the free plan 
  • Full access requires the most expensive plan
  • Steep learning curve

Why Choose Helium 10?

Helium 10’s tools definitely eliminate all the guesswork and physical efforts. You can instantly access all the tools from the dashboard and extract every piece of data you need to grow your business. On top of that, you will also get a Chrome extension to access all the tools while browsing Amazon. 

Today, more than 1 million Amazon sellers are using the Helium 10 suite. With the help of Helium 10 tools, sellers are generating $4 billion in revenue every month. If you do not believe in the numbers, you can try the free plan and its Chrome extension to see its worth. You can also try any paid plan for an instant. If you don’t like the services, you can get your 100% money back by canceling the subscription within seven days of purchase. 

Conclusion: Helium 10 Review (2023) 

Helium 10 is all about performance and accuracy. No matter if you are a newcomer or an expert FBA seller, Helium 10 is an all-in-one solution for your business. The platform also gives you access to some proprietary tools such as Cerebro, Magnet, Frankenstein, and Scribbles. You won’t find these types of tools anywhere else. 

Helium 10 also offers a fully-functional mobile application so you can manage your Amazon store from anywhere. If you’re stuck while using any tool, you will get your problems solved through video tutorials and articles. Helium 10 helped many sellers generate six-figure revenue every month. You can also scale your business by becoming a part of this fantastic platform. 

I hope this post helped you get detailed insights into this platform. Feel free to leave a comment to share your thoughts with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I use Helium 10 for free? 

Helium 10 offers a free plan for all its users, which is free forever. To claim its free plan, click on the Sign Up For Free.

Can I get a Chrome extension on all its plan?

Helium 10 offers Chrome extension on all its plans, but in a free plan, you will get limited access. If you want to get full access, we recommend you upgrade your plan.

Do I get a refund on Helium 10?

Recently Helium 10 updated its refund policy, where you can get 7 days of refund policy before they used to offer 30 days of refund policy.

Can I buy the Freedom Ticket course separately?

If you have subscribed to any of its premium plans, you don’t need to buy the Freedom Ticket course separately. All of its paid plans include the Freedom Ticket course.

How can I upgrade my account? 

Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time from Helium 10 pricing plan section, or for any assistance contact its customer support team.

On which plan Adtomic is included? 

You can get Adtomic on Helium 10 Diamond and Elite plan.

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