How To Sell Used Items On Amazon In 2023 (Detailed Guide)

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Amazon has created a new ecosystem for buyers and sellers in the last two decades. Think of an item, and you can buy it on Amazon. Usually, Amazon is people’s first choice when purchasing new products, but do you know it’s also a massive market for used goods? This guide will explain how you can start selling used products on Amazon

Many aspiring sellers have this question: Can you sell used items on Amazon? The answer is yes, you can. But to be able to do so, you need to understand the business model and fulfill Amazon’s guidelines. The company expects quality products and transparency from sellers, even for the used products. 

In this article, I will shed some light on various ways you can sell used items on the marketplace. We will also discuss basic requirements, the used products you can sell, and a step-by-step guide to listing your products. 

Let’s get right in. 

Can You Sell Used Products On Amazon?

Selling used products is a great way to earn extra cash without investing a lot. But you can’t just sell whatever is lying around in your house. There are a few ways to sell products on Amazon, such as Private labeling, retail arbitrage, and wholesale. You need to understand which one is going to be the most profitable one for you. 

Sell Used Products On Amazon

Of course, you can buy a product on Amazon and resell it under the used products category, but this approach hasn’t worked out for sellers in the past. 

Private labeling is the most common method, where you purchase products from the manufacturers and sell them under your name. Retail arbitrage is a proven method for used goods where you can buy reasonable quantities of a product and sell them at a decent margin. 

Once you notice growth, you can switch to wholesale, similar to retail arbitrage, except that you will deal with massive quantities. 

What Used Products Can You Sell On Amazon?

However, you can sell used items only from specific categories. Whether it’s a new product or an old one, Amazon still cares about authenticity, customer satisfaction, safety, and quality. 

Here are some of Amazon’s standard guidelines for used products:

1. Open Box

The item is in perfect condition, working as well as new. It contains original packaging and can be with or without protective film. There is no physical damage to the products, and all the instruction manuals are included. 

2. Used But In Very Good Condition

The product has been used for a limited period but still is in good working condition. There may be some physical wear and tear but no significant damage. The original box might be damaged, but repackaging is possible. If there are any missing accessories or additional parts, they should be defined clearly. 

3. Used And In Good Condition

The product has been used for a significant amount of time but is fully functional. Apart from the noticeable wear and tear, there might be minor damage that doesn’t affect its functionality. The original packaging is damaged or missing. The item also may be missing original accessories, instruction manuals, etc. 

4. Acceptable

The product has been well-used but still working fine. There are missing accessories, minor parts, original packaging, and instructional manuals. There are signs of damage, such as heavy wear and tear, scratches, worn edges, dents, etc. 

Let’s have a look at the product categories under which you can sell used items:

Product CategoriesCondition Allowed
Amazon Kindle, Fire accessoriesNew, Used, certified refurbished
BooksNew, Used
Camera and PhotoNew, Used, certified refurbished
Mobile Phone & AccessoriesNew, certified refurbished, used
Videos & DVDNew, Used
Home Improvement and ToolsNew, Used, certified refurbished
Sports ItemsNew, Used, certified refurbished
Computers & AccessoriesNew, Used, certified refurbished
Pet SuppliesNew, Used, certified refurbished
Music New, Used
Home AppliancesNew, Used, certified refurbished
Software and Video GamesNew, Used

Selling Used Items on Amazon? Know What’s Not Allowed

According to Amazon’s latest guidelines regarding used products, certain conditions are not permitted. Take a look:

  • The product is physically damaged, and it affects its functionality. 
  • The product needs to be repaired before use. 
  • The product is expiring soon or has already expired. 
  • The manufacturer has labeled the product as unsellable. 
  • The product was manufactured as a sample only. 
  • The product is a copy of the original/branded item. 
  • Important missing parts or accessories that affect the functioning of the product. 
  • The product has severe physical damage, such as stains, molds, and corrosion.  

How To Find Used Items To Sell On Amazon?

If you want to start a business on Amazon, selling used items can be a safe option as it won’t require you to purchase inventory stocks. You will still have to pay for an Amazon seller account, referral fees, and FBA services (if you opt for it, but it’s still a profitable option considering you won’t pay for inventory and shipping. 

Find Used Items To Sell On Amazon

As far as used products are concerned, books are the perfect item, to begin with. They are easy to collect, and most of us have a vast collection of books in our houses that we are not reading. 

You can also check garage sales or thrift stores to find used products, including books, at a meager price, some of which are available at $0.25 a piece! Based on the edition and condition of the book, you can sell them for up to $50 and earn a handsome profit. 

Another good product to sell is old machinery such as wired phones, old clocks, old-style cassettes, and video players. These things are not available on the market, and people are fond of collecting such items. 

All you need to do is ensure that the product you are listing complies with Amazon’s guidelines, is in working condition, and doesn’t need any repair or spare part replacements. 

How to Sell Used Items on Amazon? Beginners’ Guide

The procedure is pretty much the same as selling new products on Amazon. Let’s take a look at what you need to do to list your used products on the marketplace:

  • Go to Amazon Seller Central page and sign-up for a new account with your email, phone number, and address. 
  • Pick a monthly seller subscription between Individual ($0.99 per sale) and Professional ( $39.99/month).
  • If you are using FBA to fulfill your orders, you must ship your products to the Amazon warehouse. It’s also advisable to check all the additional costs, such as variable costs, closing fees, return order fees, etc. It will help you determine a competitive price for your product. 
  • Another thing to remember is that to sell a used product; you don’t need to create a new listing. Instead, you will find the same product already listed as new and make your offer under the Used category. 
  • To list your item, go to your Seller Central page and Click on Manage Inventory.
  • Select Add a Product from the drop-down menu. 
  • Next, you have to insert the product ASIN to find the listing. Once you locate it, select the product condition and click on Sell this product
  • On the next page, you need to enter product information such as its condition, fulfillment method, price, etc. If there is a particular element that you want customers to know, you should mention it under the Condition note
  • Submit the form, and your offer will be added to the listing. 

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Is It Worth Selling Used Items on Amazon?

Selling used items on Amazon is pretty straightforward. It’s an excellent way to generate a steady income which you can invest later in private-label products. Although Amazon has strict guidelines for used items, it’s worth a shot, considering its popularity and reputation. 

If you own products that don’t fit Amazon’s criteria, I suggest you check eBay or Facebook marketplace, where the policies are lenient. 

For Amazon, the bottom line is that the product is usable and in good working condition. Let’s start with books and move to more oversized products such as pet supplies, accessories, or collectibles. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do I need to pay to sell used items on Amazon?

If your plan is selling less than 40 items per month you can go with Amazon individual plan which will cost you $0.99 per sale, but if you plan to sell more than 40 items per month then you can go with $39.99 per. 

Do I need Amazon FBM or FBA to sell a used item on Amazon?

Sellers need to choose FBM or FBA when selling their used items on Amazon.

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