Helium 10 vs Viral Launch: Which One Is Best For You In 2023?

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Wondering which Seller toolkit would be better to handle your Amazon business activities – Helium 10 and Viral launch? In this comparison guide, I will watch you through each and every detail you must know before making the selection.

Managing your Amazon business requires a lot of legwork including analyzing tonnes of data, studying the competition, finding the best strategies to stay in front, and other marketing activities. 

Using a seller toolkit can automate your business activities and provides you with highly accurate data to start with. Helium 10 and Viral Launch both are among the top platforms in this class. 

This compassion guide will shed some light on each tool and its functionality that might help you streamline your Amazon activities such as Product research, keyword analysis, listing optimization, and much more. I will also talk about what I liked about them and what could be better. Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this piece, you’ll have your pick already. 

In this comparison guide, we will Discuss:

✔ Basic Introduction to both platforms

✔ Advantages and disadvantages of each

✔ Feature comparison

✔ Resources and data accuracy

✔ Quality of customer support

✔ Pricing details

✔ Quick tips 

Helium 10 Vs Viral Launch: In A Nutshell

Starting Plan$39/month$69/month
Trial period/Free Plan14-day trial period
Browser Extension
Product Discovery
Inventory Control
Split testing
Listing Optimization
Mobile Application
Refund Assistance
FBA Training
Review Downloading
Keyword Research

Helium 10 Vs Viral Launch: Quick Overview

Helium 10 was founded by Manny Coats and Guillermo Puyol back in 2015 with the idea of helping them make the best out of Amazon opportunities. 

Helium 10 provides you with a set of tools that you can use to automate various activities during your Amazon journey. When you are selling on Amazon, as a seller, you need to analyze and understand every data point to figure out the demand and your actions to keep yourself in the hunt all the time. Helium 10 is more than capable of doing that for you.

Helium 10 vs Viral Launch - Helium 10


It’s a one-stop solution for all your business requirements such as product discovery, finding popular keywords, effectively listing your products, managing the inventory, and keeping an eye on your nearest rivals. 

The tools can provide you with accurate product data along with sales history, pricing trends, and current demand. Also, you can find top sellers and their strategies concerning the product you are selling. All this information helps you prepare a better strategy for your product launch and marketing. 

 Helium 10 - Features

There are nearly 15 tools bundled with the Helium 10 seller suite. Let’s talk about a few of them:


BlackBox is a product discovery tool that helps you locate the most fruitful and untouched products on the marketplace. The tool finds out trending and low-competition products that offer a high-profit margin for you to get going.

 Helium 10 - Black Box


XRay is a Google Chrome extension that you can use to find vital product data while browsing through the Amazon website. 


Helium 10’s listing optimization tool is known as Scribble. It analyzes all the trending and high-volume keywords that need to be included in your product listings. 

 Helium 10 - Scribbles


As the name suggests, the Trendster tool analyzes the latest market situation, current products in demand, and price in order to predict upcoming trends. This data helps you plan your next course of action. 

 Helium 10 - Trendster

Review Downloader

It can download the entire reviews of any product within a few seconds so you can find out what people like the most about the people and what are the concerning areas. 

Financial Analytics

Analytics tool assesses all your financial movements such as monthly expenses, net profit, sales estimation, tax analysis, and much more. 

Refund Genie

It automatically estimates all your dues to be paid, or to be collected from Amazon and further initiates and regulates the entire refund process. 

Inventory Manager

It’s one of the most important tools of Helium 10 that lets you know the state of your inventory. You don’t have to worry about stocks getting empty as the tool notifies you well in advance of items that need to be bought along with the quantity and a suitable date to purchase. 

Viral Launch began its journey a little before Helium 10 in 2014 and has helped sellers across the world to flourish in the marketplace. Although its arsenal of tools is relatively smaller compared to Helium 10, there are a few areas where it seems to have an upper hand. 

The platform has nearly 10 tools including product discovery, competitor intelligence, Kinetic PPC, market intelligence, keyword analysis, listing optimizer, and much more. Apart from automating your entire Amazon operations, the tool can also create a successful PPC campaign for you, generating big traffic and clicks. 

Viral Launch - Overview

Another area where the Viral launch seems to be ahead is the real-time data integration and its accuracy of it. It’s fairly easy to break into your competitors’ territory and find out their tactics, prices, and even inventory levels so you can dictate your terms based on the stocks they have. You can also find the high-volume keywords, and top trending products at the time or from the past months along with crucial data that will help you determine your next moves. 

Let’s talk about the tools that Viral Launch has to offer:

Keywords Research

The keyword research and analysis tool can bring you the top-performing keywords for your products within a few seconds. 

Viral Launch - Keyword Research

Product Research

The product finder can uncover the low-hanging fruits based on the current marketing trends so you always have a product that is selling well. Not only that, but you can also use the pricing filter or monthly revenue filter to see what products are generating the highest revenues. 

Viral Launch - Product Research

Market Intelligence

It monitors the pulse of the market. You can easily figure out what are the top-selling products, the future projections, pricing trends, potential profit margin, and much more. 

Kinetic PPC

One of the key highlights of the Viral launch is its PPC tool named Kinetic. It can execute the preset of rules to automate your PPC campaign, notifies you about your ads’ performance, and the keywords that need to be used, and even implement the required modifications. 

Viral Launch - Kinetic PPC

Competitor Intelligence

It works like rever ASIN search where you can find the top sellers and your nearest rivals for any given product. All you need to know is to enter the product ASIN and hit the search button. Within a few minutes, you have all the details such as price, top-performing keywords, traffic details, and much more.  

Viral Launch - Competitor Intelligence

Chrome Extension

Similar to XRay from Helium 10, it helps you retrieve important product information while you are on the Amazon website, looking through the product catalog. 

How Is the Customer Service?

Helium 10 has a proper support staff that seems to be well-trained and have proper knowledge not only of the Helium 10 seller suite but also of how things work on Amazon. Whether you are finding it tricky to understand the tools or analyze the data, you can also request assistance. 

The support staff will also help you with plan renewal, cancellation, refunds, and much more. All you need to do is to raise a concern through email, on-site request ticket, or simply by giving a call. According to our partner sellers, the response time for most cases is less than 24 hours (business days) and all the concerns were resolved within a week. 

Viral Launch also has decent customer support, however, the quality of assistance is questionable. Many sellers have complained regarding the delay in response, not to mention the unresolved issues. Some sellers claim they never even heard from the support team after raising a complaint. 

If you have any concerns regarding your plans, money deduction, or auto-renewal, you can reach the team through email or a direct call. Unfortunately, there is no specified time limit by which the team gets back to you. In my opinion, the Helium 10 is definitely a better choice for you if customer service is something that matters to you the most, same as it does to me.  

Which One Is More Accurate?

All your efforts, methods, and plans are useless if you don’t have accurate product data in your hands. Personally, I feel it’s the most important factor to consider while picking a seller assistant. 

Since there are no established methods to figure out the accuracy of any tool, we’ll go by what our partners say and how effective the platform is. Although, the popular Seller tool Jungle Scout’s team has tried to assess its fellow FBA tools to give us an idea about the data accuracy. We can’t prove whether it’s authentic research or just a marketing gimmick but this is what the research revealed:

Helium 10 has an accuracy level of 74% which puts it third on the list. However, our partners claim that the accuracy level may be somewhere around 70-80%. On average, 4 out of 5 times, you may be getting precedes projections, pricing history, sales estimation, etc. My advice is that don’t rely on these data points completely and invest a little time in your own manual research. Then you can combine the results to come out with the optimum product information that you can use. 

Viral Launch - Data Accuracy

Viral launch seemed to have done slightly better In Jungle Scout’s research and scored 79.3% in terms of data accuracy. Again, we don’t have a solid reason to believe in those numbers but according to any sellers, the tool gives somewhat precise sales and profit estimations. 

Additional Features: Training & Resources

Helium 10, apart from all the seller tools and marketing features, comes with Freedom Ticket, an FBA course for Amazon aspirants. If you are planning to begin your career as a full-time Amazon seller, this 8 weeks training program will help you uncover the hidden details of the marketplace. The program also gets you familiarized with Amazon’s business environment, customers’ mindset, product analysis, suppliers, and much more. 

Helium 10 - FBA Course

Viral Launch has a course on How to Sell on Amazon that can you enroll yourself in for free. Apart from that, there is plenty of useful material available for the sellers including an FBA starter guide, video tutorials, case studies, and much more. 

And Finally, The Plans and Pricing

While choosing the seller toolkit, it’s important to consider the pricing since it will have a direct impact on your budget, at least in your early days. Let’s find out what are the current plans and offers:

Helium 10 Plans & Pricing

Helium 10 offers 4 premium plans to its users – Starter, Platinum, Diamond, and Elite

Helium 10 - Pricing

The Starter plan comes at $39/month and is designed to assist first-time sellers who want to have enough to get the business going. It comes with the most basic product research (5 searches), XRay (50 searches), and limited keyword research features. You also get full access to the Freedom ticket training program.  

The Platinum plan comes at $99/month and provides extended access to keyword research too and unlimited access to product research tools. Apart from all the features of the Starter plan, you get some additional benefits including a PPC analysis tool and keyword tracking. 

The Diamond plan is tailored to high-end sellers who are looking to scale and expand even further. At a cost of $249/month, you get full access to nearly all the product research and keyword analysis tools. You can perform unlimited BlackBox and XRay searches, keyword analysis, and much more. Additionally, you get full access to the PPC tool and real-time data from Walmart. 

The Elite plan costs $349/month and gives you access to the complete Helium 10 arsenal, along with membership to Elite Facebook groups where you can connect to some most famous Amazon Sellers, a facility to have one-on-one communication with market experts, and monthly workshops. 

Offers – A 7-day Money-back guarantee and up to 25% of discount on yearly subscription payments. 

Viral Launch Plans & Pricing

Currently, there are 3 plans offered by Viral Launch – Essential, Pro, and Pro Plus Ads.

Viral Launch - Pricing

The Essential plan will cost you $69/month and allows you access to keyword and product discovery tools in a limited capacity. You also get to use the Google Chrome extension while having access to global market data for worldwide product research.

The Pro plan comes at a price of $99/month. Apart from every feature of the essential plan, you get access to product sales history, monthly revenue, and trend history to narrow down your product options. The additional tools you get in the Pro plan are keyword tracker, market intelligence, listing optimizer, and competitor intelligence. 

The Pro Plus Ads plan will cost you $199/month providing you with complete access to the seller kit. Apart from all the features of the other 2 plans, you get the Kinetic PPC tool where you can automate your ad campaigning, get keyword suggestions, and auto-implement the PPC rules to design a successful and profitable ad campaign. 

Offers – Free FBA tutorials, reading material, case studies, etc, and up to 15% discount on yearly payments

Pros & Cons Of Helium 10 vs Viral Launch: 

Here we have listed some pros & cons of both Helium 10 and Viral Launch. 

Pros Of Helium 10: 

  • Allows competitors spying 
  • Follow up keywords 
  • Product research tool 
  • Help in a stock protection 
  • List optimization 
  • Product Monitoring 

Cons Of Helium 10: 

  • Limitations in the free plan 
  • To unlock full access you need to purchase its expensive plan 

Pros Of Viral Launch: 

  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Offers PPC software to optimize your listing 
  • 365 days customer support team 
  • PPC keyword tracking 
  • Customize your own automation 
  • Rank tracking and alert 

Cons Of Viral Launch: 

  • Doesn’t have any free plan
  • Little bit expensive 

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My Verdict: Helium 10 vs Viral Launch (2023)

There you have it. I am sure the information I’ve shared, will be enough for you to make the judgment. Both platforms provide good functionality and help you save a lot of time with data research and analysis. There may be a slight difference in the user interface and ease of use but overall, it’s not easy to pick the clear favorite. 

If you are mainly focused on earning money through Amazon ads, pick Viral launch without a second thought. Apart from the powerful Kinetic PPC tool, you also get effective product research, listing builder and optimizer, and various marketing and competition analysis tools. 

Helium 10 is more of a complete seller platform where you get a bit of everything, My personal favorite tools from the platforms are product research and Inventory Management. Compared to Viral Launch, it’s more economical yet offers more tools including Amazon’s FBA training program. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any free trial on Helium 10 and Viral Launch?

Helium 10 offers a free plan for its users which is free for a lifetime with limited features on the other hand Viral launch offers 14 days of a free trial.

Which platform offers the best data accuracy?

Viral launch offers the best accuracy data than Helium 10, the accuracy data of Viral Launch is 79.3% whereas Helium 10 has 74% of accuracy data.

Which is the best alternative to Helium 10 and Viral launch?

Jungle Scout is the perfect alternative to both Helium 10 and Viral launch, as it is more affordable and best for beginners.

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