Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch 2023: Which One Is Right For You?

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Recent trends have shown that it is almost impossible to succeed as an Amazon seller without the help of Amazon seller tools. Two of the best tools available for sellers on Amazon are Viral Launch and Jungle Scout. 

Both tools are amazing and can help scale your business on Amazon seamlessly. However, deciding which one will work best for your specific needs can be challenging. And so, I created this detailed article comparing the unique features of these two amazing tools. 

This comparison will touch on their key differences, data precision, pricing, documentation, and customer support.  

My aim is that after reading this article, you will be equipped with every piece of detail that you need to make the best possible decision between Viral Launch and Jungle Scout.

So let’s get started.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Main Differences

I will get right into the details in a minute, but first, let’s see what the main differences between them are.

Viral Launch excels over Jungle Scout In the aspect of data

Remember; I said earlier that these two tools are among the best for Amazon sellers. They’re both amazing for product research, but Viral Launch deals with more data like average rating, BSR, etc., to give you better insight into the slightest details about the product.

Jungle Scout is also very useful in this aspect. As a fact, it offers you more accuracy than Viral Launch. 

In summary, for more data points to make product decisions, go for Viral Launch.

Jungle Scout has a more user-friendly Chrome Extension

With Jungle Scout’s browser extension you get all the information you need when browsing and investigating a product. This data includes BSR, opportunity ratings, previous sales, listing reliability, and other factors.

Viral Launch’s browser extension could be a little intimidating for a new Amazon seller. It’s not as easy to use as Jungle Scout’s.

Jungle Scout offers more affordable rates

Jungle Scout’s pricing starts at $49 per month. Meanwhile, Viral Launch’s pricing starts at $69 per month.

The interesting thing about Jungle Scout is that its basic package comes with everything you need to get started as a beginner. In contrast, Viral Launch’s basic packages have so many lapses in features.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Overview

Before I get fully into the various features and details of these amazing tools, here is a quick overview of Viral Launch and Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Overview

Want to know more details about Jungle Scout, then check out our in-depth Jungle Scout Review here.

Jungle Scout is a one-stop shop for new and experienced Amazon sellers. Its fantastic and beginner-friendly features make it very suitable for all categories and levels of the Amazon seller journey. 

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch - Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout started as a mere tool for product research, but over time, it has evolved into a one-stop solution for sellers on Amazon.  With  Jungle Scout, you can locate winning products, improve and launch your product listings, track useful analytics, connect with the best suppliers, and do more.

Viral launch Overview

Viral Launch provides you with a suite of tools to launch, connect and stay on top of your Amazon selling game. This amazing tool will help you handle everything, from sourcing winning products to launching them, as well as optimizing your listing for better results.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch - Viral Launch

It also offers you something more- with Viral Launch, you can spy on your top competitors to see what they are doing right to include them in your strategy. 

Want to get detailed insight about Viral Launch, if so then check our detailed Viral Launch Review here.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Which One Is Accurate

Nothing matters more than data accuracy in the Amazon business; it can help you become a profitable seller on Amazon. So, let’s compare Viral Launch and Jungle Scout in terms of data accuracy.  

Jungle Scout Data Accuracy

Every Amazon seller tool provides various data metrics for various products, but what matters most is how accurate the data is.   

After much research and testing to determine which tools offer more accurate data, Jungle Scout has proven a whopping 84% data accuracy. 

Jungle Scout - Accuracy

The level of data accuracy offered by Jungle Scout surpasses what you can get from most Amazon seller tools. This tool puts more emphasis on data credibility rather than just quantity.  

Data Accuracy of Viral Launch

Viral Launch has an accuracy of is 79.3 percent, which indicates that it can be trusted. It can, however, make mistakes, as its error margin is 20.7 percent.

Verdict: With over 5% difference between Viral Launch and Jungle Scout in terms of accuracy, it is clear that  Jungle Scout offers more reliable data metrics. 

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: User Experience

Another crucial characteristic that most people look for in a tool is how user-friendly the interface is. Viral Launch and Jungle Scout both have their own interfaces. Here is a summary of which tool offers a more user-friendly experience for you.

Jungle Scout User Experience

Jungle Scout offers a simple interface that is ideal for newbies. The dashboard has all that you need, making product research quite easy.

To narrow down your results, simply use particular criteria, such as certain keywords, areas, and seller types. After selecting the filters, click the search button to get the results you want.

Jungle Scout - Product Database

You may read all product information on the following page, including rank, monthly income, reviews, price, product category, etc. You may see a product’s seasonal performance by clicking on it. I find the program to be really simple to use, and it would be an excellent tool for newbies.

Jungle Scout - Particular Keyword

Viral Launch Ease Of Use

Viral Launch is very easy to use. First thing first – sign up for a membership plan. You’ll be able to access the Viral Launch dashboard once you’ve finished.

If you’re a newbie with no idea how to use Viral Launch, this is the place to be. It includes step-by-step instructions for you to follow. The Viral Launch tool will be available in the launchpad; simply flip between them.

Viral Launch - Product Discovery

Furthermore, when you run a product discovery search, it provides more detailed stats lke BSR, monthly income, price, sellers, reviews, and more.  As soon as you choose a product, it will also provide you with other useful information such as market trends, seasonality, and product concept score.

Viral Launch - Product Research

Verdict: While both tools have user-friendly layouts, Jungle Scout offers graph analytics for products that Viral Launch does not. Both tools have comparable search filters, other from the graphical appearance.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Feature Comparison

Product Research and Validation

FeaturesJungle ScoutViral Launch
Product Research ToolYesYes
Keyword SearchYesNo
Customizable Product AlertYesPartial
Global Supplier DatabaseYesNo
Better in Data AccuracyYesNo
Opportunity ScoreYesPartial
Historical Data AnalysisYesYes

Inventory Management

FeaturesJungle ScoutViral Launch
Expense ManagementYesNo
Split Testing FeatureNoYes
Email Campaign ReportYesNo
Data AccuracyYesPartial
FBA Shipment TrackingYesNo
Revenue DashboardYesNo
Inventory Demand ForcastYesNo

Product Launching 

FeaturesJungle ScoutViral Launch
Listing BuilderYesPartial
PPC ToolYesYes
Keyword Discovery and OptimizationYesYes
Listing SynchronizationYesNo
Promos and Discounts ToolYesPartial
Unlimited Email Follow upYesNo
Advanced Keyword FiltersYesPartial
PPC Customer Support and ResourcesNoYes
Coupon Abuse ControlYesNo
Keyword List SaverYesPartial

Education and Training Resources

FeaturesJungle ScoutViral Launch
Advanced coursesYesNo
Video GuideYesPartial
Free Case StudiesYesNo

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Compare Pricing Options

This comparison highlights cost and the value you get for your money.

Viral Launch and Jungle Scout both have monthly and annual plans. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout’s plans are all adaptable and affordable. Moreover, if you can opt for their yearly plan, you can get a 55% reduction in price. Jungle Scout offers you three different pricing options: 

Jungle Scout - Pricing

Basic Plan: This package costs $49 per month. If you are new to Amazon, this package is best for you. It comes with a single-user access and you can use all of Jungle Scout’s extensions for browser. You can also use the tools for product research to find the greatest product ideas in no time.

Suite Plan: This plan is available for $69 per month. If you’re an Amazon seller who wants to increase sales, this plan is a way to go. This package allows multiple users and includes review automation, extensive past data, and more. With this package, you can easily manage your business one Amazon and discover new products.

Professional Plan: This plan costs $129 per month. The Professional plan is ideal for experienced Amazon sellers. This package allows up to 6 users and offers you all of the Suite plan features and some extras.

Jungle Scout provides package plans in addition to monthly and yearly plans:

1. Three-month Startupsuite package which costs $149

2. 6-month Entrepreneur Suite package which costs $299

3. $999 for a 12-month Freedom Builder Bootcamp package

Viral Launch Pricing

Viral Launch offers affordable and adaptable packages, but not as much as Jungle Scout. Let’s take a detailed look at the three plans Viral launch offers.

Viral Launch - Pricing

The Essential: This plan is available for $69 per month. You can also purchase the annual plan to enjoy two free months of subscription. This plan will do if you solely want to carry out product research. Global statistics, product filtering, keyword search volume, and other capabilities are included in this plan.

Pro Plan: This plan is available for $99 per month. It has all the benefits available on the Essential plan. It also includes Listing optimization, tracker for monthly income, price trend, previous sales, and more fantastic features.

Pro Plus Ads: This special plan costs $199 per month. No other plan offers you better features for optimizing sales and advertising on Amazon. This subscription gives you all of the Pro plan benefits, plus keyword tracking for organic PPC, the ability to create and customize your automation, thorough analytic data, and more.

Verdict: Jungle Scout offer more value for money than Viral Launch. However, the Viral Launch’s Pro plus ads package offers you extra PPC features that are unique. But in a nutshell,  Jungle Scout is a perfect choice if you desire to breakthrough on Amazon.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Learning Resources & Customer Support

Customer assistance is included in both tools. But I’ll talk about which one is more trustworthy. So let’s go.

Jungle Scout Resources & Customer Support

If you run across a problem that you can’t handle, you can contact Jungle Scout’s customer support desk immediately. For their premium consumers, they work around the clock. In addition, Jungle Scout features an extensive library of tutorials and materials. More useful resources that a seller on Amazon requires can be found in Jungle Scout Academy.

Viral Launch Customer Support and Resources

Viral Launch provides users with 24-hour customer service and is just as dependable as Jungle Scout. In addition, you can find two courses on Viral Launch for sellers on Amazon. 

Pros & Cons: Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch

Here in this section, we have given the pros & cons of the Jungle Scout and Viral Launch. 

Pros Of Jungle Scout: 

  • Find product supplier 
  • Conduct product research 
  • Listing management capabilities 
  • Price your product competitively 
  • Powerful AI-driven technology 

Cons Of Jungle Scout: 

  • Pricey monthly membership 
  • A little bit difficult for the beginners 

Pros Of Viral Launch: 

  • Advanced keyword insight 
  • Offers real-time data 
  • Automated keyword discovery 
  • Listing optimization score 
  • Best result with data accuracy 

Cons Of Viral Launch: 

  • Expensive for the beginners 
  • Limitations in the starter plan

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Conclusion: Which One Is Right For You (2023)

With the details I have discussed in the preceding sections,  you’re probably not sure which tool to use.

It is straightforward: your needs and money. To summarize, Jungle Scout emerges as the clear winner because it is more dependable when it comes to data accuracy, more inexpensive in terms of cost, and provides superior resources to become a successful Amazon seller. 

However, Viral Launch offers slightly more in the area of data volume. 

It has excellent Amazon PPC functionality. 

With that said, the decision is now entirely yours to make.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which one are better Jungle Scout and Helium 10?

Jungle Scout and Viral Launch both are the best Amazon seller tool, but Jungle Scout is pretty good in resources, data accuracy, and pricing plan.

Do they both offer a free trial?

Jungle Scout doesn’t have any type of free trial, but you can get 14 days of free trial on Viral Launch for its users. 

Who offers the best accuracy data?

On Jungle Scout you can 84.1% of accuracy data but on Viral Launch you can get 79.3% of accuracy data, which is very less as compared to Jungle Scout.

Which tool is best for the beginner?

For any beginner Jungle Scout is the best choice because it offers all in one tool for FBA business.

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